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lump under 6 month old pitbulls jaw

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    Two weeks ago, we adopted a 6 month old female whose owner was going to jail. Her previous owner was neglectful, and in my opinion, abusive. Sassy was not let outside regularly, often locked in the bathroom with two other dogs, flat out did not receive the attention or love a well balanced pit requires, was yelled at often and hit for undesired behaviours, and was not let outside to use the bathroom. In the two weeks we have had her, we have worked with her daily. She has already learned to sit on command, is learning to heel while walking on a leash, seldom has had indoor “accidents”, sleeps in either our bed or with our children, and in general, is receiving unconditional love and lots of attention. I have seen a complete reversal in her behaviour, she is calm, well mannered, and loving. I know we are on the right track in her training and rehabilitation (I have owned pits in the past). Now that I have bragged about our new baby, I will get to the heart of my concern.

    We recently noticed a large lump under Sassy’s jaw. It is not painful or squishy, and cannot be manipulated with our fingers. She is eating and drinking well, and otherwise appears in total health.

    My last pit had a similar lump. It never caused a problem,  never grew any larger, and while she was healthy, my ex refused to take her to the vet, and I could not afford the bill on my own. Is this normal in a healthy pit?

    I will be taking her in for her initial health check in 4 weeks. I am currenltly trying to find out if she has had any puppy shots at all (I seriously doubt it).

    Based upon her appearance of overall health, appetite,  and behaviour,  should I be concerned about the lump? Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what the lump may be?

    Thank You in advance.







    Just an update:

    The lump has disappeared from Sassy’s throat. Apparently, according to a vet tech friend, it most likely was caused by a swollen trachea, most likely from being choked. That would fit with the treatment received from her previous owner. I also found out that she was born the first week of January, which makes her about 7 1/2 months now. Sassy is doing fine, loves to play, and thinks that everyone and all animals should want to be her friend…this includes cats and sqirrels…lol.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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