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Licking other animals urine and poop

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    My 3 years Male, Duke, for some reason likes to go around and lick the dropping and urine from the other animals in the house. It started with the Ferret cage. He would find the dropping that had fallen out, lick them or eat them, then his jaw would start to shutter, and he would drull like crazy and even foam at the mouth a little. The drull will be almost a steady flow. We ended up giving the Ferrets away, we couldn’t bring them out with him around, he just kept trying to lick their bottoms, and when he did he would shutter and foam. After the Ferrets were gone he didn’t do this anymore. He then became a Daddy and 4 of his sons came to live with us and it started all over again. He will search the house and yard to find a spot where one of them had gone and lick it then his mouth will shutter and he drulls and foams. He also has started licking thier bottom and he will even roll them over, hold them there, and lick their penis, or try to hump them even though they are only 8 weeks old. We are asuming it is because they are males and he is trying to dominate them, but its just plan weird. He started playing with them and now every time he plays it becomes ‘indecent’. Between the shuttering and foaming, and the behavior towards the puppies, we are not really sure what is going on with him. Is this normal behavior? He has always been a little ‘pervert’ always trying to hump everything from a blanket to another male dog, but that stopped for a while after he impregnated the mother to his pups, but now he is doing it to the pups. Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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