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Leash Training Tips welcomed

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    I have a wonderful Rednose Pit named Zilla. He has been very strong willed and defiant when outside indoors he is a well behaved boy.

    I have a wonderful Rednose Pit named Zilla. He has been very strong willed and defiant when outside indoors he is a well behaved boy.
    I have tried reg collars, hilty, harness, and the choak chain all of these he pulls like a mad man. I am a small woman just barely 5′ and under 100lbs. I’ve been doing my best to stop the pull and turn and walk him the other way. I put him in the sit stay berfore we start forward again but every time the second i start to walk he lunges…

    Any tips or ideas would be great!


    I would get a trainer for this, but have you tried a Halti? Or the type that goes around the dogs nose to stop him from pulling – Head Halti I think it’s called.

    I would recommend a prong collar, but I only do so with EXPERIENCED owners, someone who really knows how to use one, and properly fit one.

    Besides that, use high value treats only on walks, and continue with the stopping each time the dog pulls. And the Head Halti!

    Kotas Mommy

    I’m not nearly as small as you & I have the same problem with my girl. Dakota is a pretty large size girl – Last summer she jerked me so hard she tore my rotator cuff! Several pit owners recommended the gentle leader but we have only tried it a few times – she hates it! She does GREAT for off-leash walks – but those are very limited to specific locations & times. I am interested in hearing success stories on this as well!


    Check out the “Illusion” collar…

    It’s an anatomical thing, really… Most collars sit far too low on the neck, which is where the dog has all his power. The closer to the head the collar is, the more control you have over the dog’s movement.

    BTW… Sorry if I sound like a Cesar Millan commercial! It’s just that he really knows his stuff when it comes to handling powerful breeds. His training methods have worked on every dog I’ve adopted so far.

    A doggie backpack also works *wonders* on walks. My girls focus so much on doing the “job” of carrying the backpack that they forget to tug! It’s a miracle what a difference it makes! 🙂

    Hope this helps… Good luck with Zilla!

    Pit Bulls ROCK!!


    amazingly enough,,my 100 lb wife walks my 90 lb girl who can pull a pallet of concrete. a trainer gave us a nylon choker,,fit it snug under the chin kept her hand low on the lead..almost no play that way when she goes forward,,she goes up air is cut, she sits and a few days of that and it will shock you how 10$ saved so much trouble,,as long as it stays high on the neck no dog can beat it,,,the choke chain out of metal does NOT do the same job,,,and costs more..trust me,,she wont break it,,even if she can pull 3k lbs of concrete or just pull her mama’s arm off…lol after 3 years of her kicking my ass on walks,,the nylon choker has put us back in control..u will love it..let me know


    We have tried the Illusion collar, but with our male pit, his neck is so thick that it didn’t fit/work well. I have found that well made harnesses are the best way to walk/control our APBTs on leash walks. Between patience (he hates to have to sit and wait after he pulls any), my clicker and remaining alpha on our walks, we have progressed really well.


    I am a 5’2, 98lb girl and I consistently walk a 45lb pit, 55lb pit, and a 40lb border collie with no issues on tugging. All I can say is that once I started doing what Cesar Millan suggested, the tugging stopped.

    I make sure that I am the first one out the door and that the dogs wait for me to close the door before we go on our walk and I ensure that they are walking beside me or behind me at all times.

    It is possible, it just takes a lot of patience with training the dogs to recognize who the pack leader really is.


    if you use a “choke chain” (actually it is called a check collar) or prong collar with your dog the idea is not to inflict pain but to apply gentle pressure to guide them. when your dog pulls against it, don’t pull back on it as hard as you can, that will only make them pull harder. when they pull, ease up and put some slack in the leash and give it a quick “snap” quickly pulling the leash back toward you. just enough to move the head, not yank them head, body and all. you may have to do this a couple of times to get their attention but it sure beats playing tug of war with an 80 lb dog. lol


    I have five pitbulls and it has become impossible to walk all of them at the same time. The second i get all of their harnesses and leashes out it becomes mass chaos. At this point i am only able to walk one or two of them at a time depending which ones i am trying to walk and one of my pits i cant walk at all because she drags me down the street. So i any one has any advice on how i can make things better for my babies and take them for the walks that they so desperately need i would greatly appreciat it.


    I find that, if I go out the door first and maintain a steady pace, Rosie walks well on leash. I try to keep her busy by changing our route, walking in the opposite direction, doing sit & stay drills, etc. If I keep her busy, she’s not looking for something else to do, so I’m taking charge instead of reacting to what she does. We still have issues when we meet up with people because she wants to greet everyone, but that’s getting better as she gets older (she’s 1 1/2). If she seems particularly energetic, we’ll play with her in the backyard before going for a walk. Although she does well on the leash, only my husband & I walk her. We don’t let our 11 year old daughter walk Rosie yet because, if Rosie sees a bunny, the best Hannah will be able to do is hold onto the leash and “waterski” through the yards.


    lol my pitts are the same way i dread seeing cats or squirrels or even small dogs because for some reason my dogs seem to think they are chew toys and want to chase them and drag me with them. I can be quite painful when you are trying to hold two of them back at a time that is why i dont take all 5 of them for a walk at once, i would then have no control and would be completely helpless lol so two at a time is how i have to walk them.


    When we got our new pits we went to PetSmart and got the Halti’s. They are wonderful. We took them inside WalMart and with no prior training, when we stopped they sat. Walked nicely beside us. Had no problems. WalMart will let you bring your dogs, all you have to say is they are service animals. Sociaizes them and gets them used to a lot of people. There service animals can be for mental illnesses to. Like an autistic child, depression…etc. We had a pit mix, which we had to put to sleep, but anytime I would get up and my bloodpressure would drop she would stand in front of me and not let me move until I wasn’t dizzy anymore. They are the most amazing animals. Trully are in tune with you!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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