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So a few things have been bothering me lately. Lets start off with yesterday while i was going back to my car with my bf i seen a car with a a red nose pit inside, naturally i got excited and told my bf "look how cute a pit!" and i wasn't even aware of the guy sitting in the care with his dog...he leaned forward and told me "why don't you pet him and get your face ripped off!"...uuugh!! i was so annoyed and didn't even bother to respond!..i own two pit's and love the breed as well as all animals,. why do some people insist on adding to the steryotype that pit's are scary should be feared?..2nd is neighbors making comments to my family members or other neighbors telling them "i cant believe they own those..."type of dogs" just wait till they turn on her"...i dont know..i guess i should expect this from people how arent educated on the breed..its just ignorance but i cant help but get sad and frustrated.

I can totally relate. When we first picked up O'Shea from the shelter and brought him home, so many in our neighborhood had that stereotypical view of pit bulls. They would see us walking toward them, and they would either a) walk on the opposite side of the street or b) turn their travel away from us. My husband was on one walk where a family (mom/dad and kids, with a stroller) was going to be approaching, but once seeing them, turned to each other, whispered to the other, and turned around/walked the other way--it was just ridiculous.

It is indeed ignorance, but keep on keeping on--fight the good fight, as it were. You have been one to see these animals for what they are--creatures in need of loving care, just like any human being. And look at what happens to humans when they aren't given love, care, and respect they deserve? If able, obedience classes always help. Ours just graduated (still having some trouble with loose leash walking), but far exceeds all other scales when it comes to listening and obeying. The more you get out, the better, and even if you meet just one person in a day (or maybe week, sometimes) who gets to know more about pit bulls because of the love and care you decided to give, and then share with that person--the better off our world will be. :)

I had my first encounter with ignorant people today. I got home and found a note from my neighbor discussing my "overly agressive" dogs. Let me explain the situation....
My dog is known for going a little crazy when she's outside and she hears other dogs. Because of her tendency to jump on fences with all her weight, we installed an invisible fence that runs in front of the real fence. It protects the fence and forces my bully to stay a foot away from it. She still runs like a mad woman when the neighbors' dogs are outside and even barks like a fool. You all know how a bully barks... it can sound fierce even when it's not meant that way.
Well, a couple weeks ago Raleigh's battery in her fence collar died. We didn't realize it at the time. We hadn't had any issues with the fence up until this point. Next thing I know, I see her pushing her head through the fence... the boards had been broken. From my view I could see the neighbor's Boxer standing right on the other side. Not thinking anything of it, I hauled Raleigh back inside and then checked her collar. BINGO! Her collar was dead... changed the battery, problem fixed.
Now, the neighbor is complaining that it was my dog that broke the fence and is concerned with the "overly aggressive behavior" that my dog exhibits. I am sure that Raleigh aided in breaking the fence but I also know that she wouldn't have charged the fence unless she sensed that another dog was right on the other side... which he was! Feeling guilty, I have offered to pay for a portion of the fence.
Additionally, the neighbor is upset that my pit puppy is sticking his nose through the bottom of the fence where there is a gap between the fence and the ground. NOT MY PROBLEM! I didn't install the fence. She claims that she's had to push my dog's face back into my yard etc... and that concerns her because of her dogs.

Why is it that people automatically target pit bulls as "overly agressive" and dangerous? I know they get a bad rep because of what they hear on tv and in the newspapers, but this lady hasn't even met my dogs. Yes, my older one is loud and does seem a little wild but it's more enthusiasm and energy than her being mean. I know that and I think she would too if she took the time to get to know them. Instead, she wants to automatically blame my dogs for everything when I've seen her dogs up against the fence in a supposed "restricted" area.

I despise ignorant people. I wish they would get the facts before making comments and judging others!

Ignorant people will continue to have their opinions, and there's not much we can do about it, unfortunately. :( I just experienced the other day while walking not necessarily the typical "pit bull will bite my face off" ignorant person...but this particular lady is aware that we're training our dog to not be overly excited when people/pets walk by. We always have our dog sit/wait while people/pets walk by. However, she sees him, kind of smiles (just a tish), and then says "Oh, I know you're training him," and walks on the other side of the street. Which, I wish people would know, doesn't help the dog at all--grrr.

I think people who automatically assume pitbulls are bad and aggressive and will "kill" at will...they must have something going on in their lives which makes them target whatever is around them--be it people, pets, etc. And it's sad, truly sad. I just want to know that I'm doing what I can to be a responsible dog owner, and that my dog grows up happy and healthy. And if people hate him because he's a pit bull, that's their loss, because they could have had the chance to become really great friends with an awesome pet!!

i will never let ppl bother me i make a point to have ppl pet my pits lol i walk right up on them and my dogs sit and i say aww you have to and most do i guess you can say i force ppl into petting the dogs to show them that most are harmless and after they cannot believe how well behaved they are im fighting for my dogs one person at a time and yes when the time come ill take up arms for my furkids they a my family along with my wife and 2 small kids

Recently my boyfriend came home from work and told me this story that just made my jaw clench. He was out on a call looking for a burglary suspect and was checking a yard and saw a cute pitbull. He said the pup was around the same age as Raisin and super friendly. So while talking to the homeowner he was playing with the pup. When he got back into his vehicle he heard the owners teenage daughter say "Bad puppy, bad. You're suppose to bite those people in uniform." It happens everywhere. He said he just looked at her and shook his head. I askd him if he said anything and he said no because she didn't do anything illegal and she wasn't hitting or yelling at the dog. She just said it in a normal tone w/in earshot of him. Ignorance is everywhere.

So sad the opinions of some, and how this will affect the opinion of the masses. For me, if a police officer walked up to my pit and said how well behaved/cute they were, then I would have been like, "YES, another person who has made a connection with him." I agree--ignorance is everywhere--definitely something not easy to deal with, but for my dog's sake (he's my baby after all; no kids at home, he's the one and only, lol), I will take whatever badgering people give in order to give and provide for him.

I was at my friends beach house with him and his lady friend and her 10 week old mix breed puppy, who is about the size of chihuahua right now, TINY! My dog and that puppy have been the best of friends since they first met, when the puppy was just 8 weeks old and even SMALLER than she is now. My dog love her so much and they play so cute together, the puppy climbs all over her, bites her face, chews on her ears, they play tug o' war and the puppy goes right up to my dogs mouth and grabs a hold of the toy and starts to pull. It's too cute, I have tons of videos of them playing! Anyway- to the point- Cheryl (the woman who owns the puppy) had one of her friends come over. She wasn't scared of my dog or anything so I thought, oh that's cool she didn't even question my dog. Then later my dog and the puppy started to play, so my dog starts barking and making her weird funny noises at the puppy, and the pup starts barking back and they start playing the puppy jumping at my dogs face and all that, and Cheryl got down on her knees and was getting them all fired up telling her pup to "get her Muna" and things like that and her friend starts getting nervous and says "You're making me nervous!" and then says to me, "I'm sorry Meagan I don't mean to distrust your dog but it's in their blood" EXCUSE ME?! I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't even respond to her because it would have turned into something ugly. After that she walked away and Cheryl said "I'm not scared of her" My dog came over and she grabbed her face "I'm not scared of you!" Then my dog licked her face.

It REALLY irritates me. Even my sister's boyfriends' mom had some obnoxiously dumb things to say about the breed after my sister had been talking about how great my dog was, and his mother insisted that one day she would snap! NOW she wants my sister to bring her over to meet her, ha. I don't even think I want my dog going there after the stuff she said.

I also hate when pit owners also say ignorant and untrue things about the breed, they only add to their bad rep, which is causing states all over the U.S. to ban them. I hate to see so much BSL, it makes me sad because the APBT is one of the most amazing, smart, beautiful breeds out there.

yeah people are so ignorant, and sometimes down right mean! i live two houses down from my boyfriends mom...and my boyfriends little sister tried to come in my yard to give me my mail, (she loves otis and neela by the way and always plays with them) and her mom yelled at her and told her not to go in the gate cause she didnt want her to get bit!!! first of all shes been around my dogs for ever now, and never ever have my pits showed aggression towards anyone! aaaand she has this little brown dog who probably weighs less then 20 pounds, who is coverd in huge ticks that attacks anyone who walks down our street!! ...super frustrating!

I am pretty fortunate because my parents own a pitbull so when I adopted Raisin and took him to visit they were estatic. As well as Indy because he had a playmate for the day. When I brought Raisin home I thought maybe the neighbors would be a little standoffish but they weren't. Instead they paid us a great compliment. They said they knew we were responsible owners and if Raisin were ever a problem they already knew I would be the first person to address it.

It's good when people can realize that...with a responsible, loving owner there's really nothing to worry about as with ANY breed for that matter. I have met more mean German Shepards than any other breed, but I do not hold a grudge against the breed because I also have met friendly dogs. For the record I have never met an aggressive or mean pit, only loving face lickers! My neighbors actually love my dog, well all except for ONE! She's just a huge bitch anyway.

It sucks. We all know it and we have all been victim of people and their ignorance. However, the more we react to their thoughts and actions in positive ways, the more fans Pit Bulls and other breeds will gain. I bring my dog to work and he chills behind the counter will a ten pound maltese and a cat. I love that so many people think he is adorable and it's even better that people can see him interact and behave in public.

I have had my moment of weakness and reacted when someone said something to me about my dog. Some sketchy lady on the street yelled at me because my dog was only ten feet away from her. I yelled back and she just continued until I was out of hearing. From then on, I decided that the best reaction to someone like that is to just pretend they don't exist. THE PIT WILL PROVE HIMSELF!

I can totally get your point. Most of my neighbors are ok with my dog only because he is great with all the kids. The only people that have seem to have a problem are the ones that keep ahold of the stereotype. They don't even know him but don't like him. Whatever. I read an article to day that says a man and his wife had a new baby and had to move because of the Pitties in their neighberhood. I was angry to say the least. So I wrote to the paper that posed it. I told them not to blame the dogs. They are only doing what they were taught. And to do some real reseach before they write something like that. People like that are why I have to chain my dog or keep him on a leash while other dog owners let their dogs roam. If more people would just get to know this speacial breed they might change their thoughts on them. I have a 7 yr old daughter and the are always together. Chance would never hurt her. He is an unreplaceable part of our family. I don't care what poeple think. I will keep him and any others that need a home. Pit bulls are a wonderful breed and make loving companions. I'm in college and in my writing class I had to pick a subject and write a 1500 word essay. So I wrote about my favorite thing. Pitties. And myths and facts and stereotypes and truth. I just hope that maybe it will change some opinios once its posted. Cause I did a lot of research.

I guess I have been lucky. Most people in my neighborhood say how pretty she is. Several have walked up to pet her and say how sweet and loving she is. I will move to the other side of the road when if I see that I am on the same side as some one walking towards me. She barely acknowledges them if we are on the other side of the road when they pass which I think makes them more calm toward her since she shows no aggression…. Even when their dog is being aggressive to her.

When a stray Pittie came around our area, everybody was scared. "Spike" finally came around us memorial day weekend at the cookout. Very nice, sweet good with other dogs and cats.

We would put him in the garage but leave to door open because we didn't know if he belonged to someone in the neiborhood. Not long after that we found a notice from the dog catcher on our door that someone turned us in."keep ur f... Nose out of my beeswax" I thought. We think its the same person that have a terrier mix which has bitten my daught twice, we call the dog demon dog. That is the most anoying dog I have ever met. We can't go in our yard without that stupit dog barking the whole time and the turn me in? what a crock of shit. when Spike first came around he played with that dog, did not hurt anybody. I hate people, my animal are everything to me because they will alway be happy and loyal.If I could move to a tall mountain I would, I would be happy with my animals and my family. Just because he is a Pittie he is dangerous? They have not met my young female lab, now she is bad when something is not right and she sees something, she is the first to bark and have her hair stand up. Spike never barks unless the other dogs start. First I thought he couldnt bark. People are ignoran and stupit


While there does seem to be an over abundance of stupidity in the world where pits are concerned, I think the tide seems to be SLOWLY turning in our favor!  I have just decided that I'm going to have one of the best trained, best behaved dogs around.  When we took our Piper to work at a fundraiser for the shelter we rescued her from, you should have seen how excited this little old lady was when she knelt to pet Piper & Piper basically climbed into her lap.  She couldn't wait to go tell all her friends that she petted "a real live Pit Bull & it kissed her!"  I think when more people start seeing what really good animals these are, things will change!

My daughter owned a pitbull wasn't full blooded pit but definately looked like a pit and the dog catcher here in town warned her to get rid of it cuz pits aren't allowed, they took her pit put it to sleep I am so upset about this, she was the best dog ever, I had neighbor kids as young as 4 years old coming over and asking if my daughters dog could come out and play, the dog catcher even told my daughters boyfriend he knew the dog would never bite anyone, for them to come and take her and put her down there has to be something illegal about that, no tickets ever issued nothing, just plain harrassement, does anyone have any help for me?? She just had pups and they didn't take the pups but they were too young but now they are doing wonderful, but give it time before they the dog catcher in town harasses us for them too oh and the brother to my daughters dog is 2 blocks away and he hasn't harassed them at all...


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