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Itchy Skin

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    Our dog developed an itching problem right before summer of last year.

    I changed his food for about 4 months trying to figure out if it was his food, ended up nowhere. Started to give him baths with medicated anti-itch in the formula, picked up toys that would occupy him instead of itching and then resorted to a trip to the vet after I couldn’t figure out the issue. The vet put him on a month supply of steroids and said if the itching increased then that meant we were dealing with a parasite. The itching actually stopped while he was on steroids and also helped him put back on some weight.

    Flash forward to now and the itching hasn’t stopped and he even developed a hot spot on his left paw. Treated that right away and it went away. But this itching is driving me insane. I knows he’s in pain but I don’t know what to do for him and our vet has no ideas either, great vet right?

    Any insights on how you keep your pits skin healthy leave your comments here! Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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