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How To Wear 80’s Clothes

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    Have you plus size bridal been invited to an 80’s party but have no idea what to wear? Want to amuse your family and friends with a special “old-time” get-up? These tips will help you learn more about the styles worn in that decade. Here is how to wear 80’s clothes.

    Take a look at pictures from the ’80s to get an idea of what they wore back then. You could also watch old shows or movies, or ask those who have experienced the ’80s and have worn 1980’s fashion trends.

    80’s hairstyles are poofy, over-the top and wild. Tease your hair into interesting shapes, and hold it in place with tons of mousse or hair spray. Use interesting accessories such as sequined ponytails, big headbands or boisterous barrettes. Wear a colorful wig or get your hair bleached or dyed to show off the true colors of the 80’s.

    The fashion of the ’80s was filled with bright colors. Wear brightly colored oversized tops and t-shirts in a lopsided fashion. Wear these with tight-fitting bottoms such as jeans, leggings or skirts. You could wear a smaller t-shirt or tank top underneath the loose top. You could also wear high tops or lingerie-inspired lacy tops, blouses and dresses.

    Polka dots and acid or stonewashed items were the fads in the 80’s. hot evening dresses You could wear tops, pants, skirts, coats and sweaters with these designs on them or use matching purses, bags and hats.

    Wear leg warmers. These are similar to long socks minus the foot part and a must for an 80’s clothing ensemble. They come in different colors and patterns; choose one that matches your outfit and your shoes. These can be worn to make your legs warm in cool weather and also look good in anything you wear, most especially on clothes that show off your legs, such as miniskirts and short shorts.

    Wear parachute pants with zippers on the side, bottom or front of the legs. These were originally made because 80’s pants were made so tight that they need to be loosened in places in order for the feet to fit in. Later on, it was used as a fashion statement. There would also be accessories on the pants such as ribbons, colorful fabric and even holes.

    Wear baggy blazers with rolled up sleeves. If you are a girl, you could wear your boyfriend’s coat over your dress to make a statement. Wearing jean sweaters that are acid-washed or stonewashed is definitely 80’s. affordable mother of the bride dresses Add shoulder pads to heighten the 80’s effect.

    For footwear, consider wearing jelly shoes and wedges. Jelly shoes are clear shoes that are made from plastic in order to deal with the leather shortage after World War II. Wedges are shoes with thick and clunky heels. If you want a more conservative look, try penny loafers. These shoes are coming into fashion again, so you will have no trouble finding a pair.

    Choose neon clothes and accessories. These are signature 80’s color, and the more it hurts to look at, the better.

    Browse online stores to find 80’s clothes or go to shops selling vintage clothes or costumes. You could also borrow from friends who have 80’s items and clothes.

    Clothes from the 1980s are always loud and exciting and never dull and boring. affordable wedding dresses online If you can’t find anything in stores to match your needs, trying making your own outfits for 80’s parties. Select the outfit that brings out the fun party-goer in you. 

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