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how to fight breed discrimanation

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    I read that Boaz, AL was about to get their city couicil to adopt a breed neutral dangerous dog law or that the actually did do it. I just wanted to know how they did that and know the steps in doing so that way maybe I could do the same in my city, and hopefully do this not only for Pits but for rots, german sheperds, masiffs, dobermans the  breeds that are declared ” aggressive”  or dangerous and that are discrimated agaist because they look the way they do. I love all these dogs and I would love to help these dogs in any way I could. As far as I see it every big or little victory for these dogs will help to eventually get these law all across the nation and not just in certain towns or states. If anybody could help me or give any info on how to start the process I would greatly appreciate it. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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