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How do I get my 7 month old pitbull pup to not chase our cat?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training How do I get my 7 month old pitbull pup to not chase our cat?

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    Romeos momma

    We have a cat an an older amstaff mix, who get along wonderfully but we adopted our pit pup when he was 16 weeks old and he obsessively chases our cat. He really wants to play with her but she just runs in terror. How do I get him to leave her alone or approach her calmly?


    My pit loves to chase our kitty, but we have a bengal and he loves to be chased! It doesn’t sound like your cat likes to be chased. Does he nip at your kitty while trying to chase? My pup definitely does. As long as your cat is not egging on your dog then that makes it easier. I’ve filled up a bottle of vinegar and water and sprayed my dog every time she ran after him or tried to play, and I stayed consistant and she stopped! Which I praised her for, a lot, a lot of praise for not chasing. I eventually stopped with the spray bottle and now she’s back to chasing him again but I let them play because my cat asks for it. But she tries to bite him when she chases, so I had to let my cat stand up for himself. He has whacked her a couple times and she stopped chasing him because she didn’t understand why it hurt, haha! If your cat doesn’t stand up for himself then you will probably continue to have a problem. Your best bet is to get a shock collar. Or have your dog sit and wait while your cat does whatever it does. Definitely make sure your cat has an escape route at all times.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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