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    ninja is 8 months old and ever since he was about 4 months old he started scratching himself. his arm pets  are all red and bloody, his back legs barley have any fur, he’s always really red or pink, also his eyes itch so much that it looks like his eyes are bleeding.  its like they are stained.  ive took him to the vet and all they tell me is that he has allergies so they told me to get him some benadryl twice daily. i have for the past two months and nothings changed.  i got him lathering shampoo and that hasnt worked either.  i started giving him raw meet hoping that the natural oils in the meet will help him but it hasnt.  so i took him to the vet and they did test on his skin and found nothing.  they didnt know what to do with him and just told me to keep giving him the pills. so i did, i also got him a reduce itch spray and that has not worked either. i just started giving him reduced ingredient food blue buffalo and at first he ate if for like three days. he loved raw meet, but now he refuses to eat. i know you can say that i am a bad owner but ive tried everything that i could think of from cheap stuff to very expensive stuff. the vets dont know what to do with him and i dont either. hes in so much pain and i dont know what to do. please help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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