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help !!!! please

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    Hi My son and I have two dogs an aussie shepard mix and a brown nose pit I think thats what he is.Anyways he used to live in Arizona with my son and his dad. My son now lives here in Washington with me. He brought his pit bull everything seemed okay then one night the dogs got into a fight in the hallway don’t know what happened it was 3am my room mate walked out of his room right when it started and got bit by buster (pit bull). We thought it was an isolated incidence then a few months later my sons friend was over and he bent down  to pet buster he jumped up and nipped his cheeck once again we thought it was human error the way his friend approached the dog. Then one day my older son came over he never knocks he just comes in well the dogs were barking and going nuts I was in the shower when I came out my son was screaming because buster was attacking him bit his foot and elbow. Well that was it I was terrified that he was going to really hurt someone so I hired a specialist to come out and meet buster she gave us strict instructions on how to care for him and we haven’t had any more bad problems with people but it is alot of work when someone comes over. We live in a duplex and have neighbors down stairs when they come home you can see them out the window and hear them close the car doors. When buster hears or sees them he starts to freak out I usually can distract him or contain him but lately he has been redirecting his anger at my shepard mix. Yesterday she was in the kitchen and he was in the living room having a fit because the neighbor came home I tried to get him to relax but he had that look in his eyes and I knew it was too late so I asked him to sit he did I went towards him to grab his collar and he ran past me and attack my dog it was a really bad fight, my dog has a punture wound on her side and in the past she has really hurt him also. She seems traumatized my the event and hasn’t come out of the bedroom all day except to go potty. My son left for the day and took buster with him but Im not sure what to do with him. I don’t want to put him to sleep but he seems way out of control and I don’t have the skills or the time to fix his problems and I know my son doesn’t either he is in his late teens but not very responsable. What do you guys think we should do, you all love pit bulls would you put your pitty to sleep???


    Hi! I hope im not too late! I want to start off by saying that i DO NOT think you should put Buster to sleep! I understand it can be overwhelming and scary to have a dofg behave the way he is but putting him down is not the answer! I also understan that you say oyu do not have the time or skill to fix him but the most important skill that you need is PATIENCE. To help get in tamed you need to become the leader. he need to know that your the boss and he has to follow your rules. You can do this by starting off with small tricks and commands such as “sit” “stay” “come” “laydown” ect. Then give him harder one make up your tricks or commands as you go as he learns to follw he will learn to listen to YOU. Teaching them trick isnt too hard n it does take long. Once he is listens to you and you have comtrol over him you can have control when he becomes aggressive by telling him “stop” or “stay” or how ever you choose to use your command wording.  Another tip dogs respond better to calm stern voice not one that is yelling. You stay relaxed to keep him attentive and relaxed. As far as for when company comes over I would suggest putting his leash on so you are able to tame him if he becomes aggressive but allow freedom untill he seems to tense up. Give him time to get to kno the person who has come over NO PETTING untill Buster seems comfortable. When he comforable all will b well. When you be the leader of him, all he’ll want to do is please you and his good behavior will reflect that. 






    It must be incredibly frustrating what you have been going through.  We are actually having a behovioralist come to the house and help with some of Diesel’s anxieties.  And it’s going great! But I would recommed a behavioral trainer and if that was the specialist you had come out then maybe try another one.  Do you think maybe the move have sparked up this unwanted behavior? Perhaps your vet would have a recommendation. And if you did that too.  Then I would maybe see what kind of rescues are near you for pitbulls.

    Just my thoughts, hope it helps, good luck


    if my pit mix was attcking people or other dogs i would put her down cause theres no way to trust that it will never happen again..


    I would not personally put any dog down because of these incidents but if Buster gets out into public and fights with another dog on accident or some sort then you may not have a choice after that. So for starters Buster may be uncomfortable in his new living situation, unless Buster has always acted this way even before your son moved in with you. You did a smart thing for hiring a professional and trying to solve the problem. I would consider kenneling Buster which includes putting him in there when people come over and every night to sleep, so you won’t have to wake up at 3am because the dogs are fighting. That’s a little too much. Also kenneling him will allow your family to introduce people without having to worry how Buster will react. Is Buster neutered? If not, that could be a huge factor. If he got neutered late, this could also play a factor in his behavior. I would kennel him and be very consistant in his training! No matter how old Buster is, train train train and exercise.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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