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hard heads

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    iv just discovered that pitbulls have hard heads ,just been playing with my dog as i bent down she jumped up………the bang im on the floor with blood dripping from my head man that hurt ,while the puppy sits there wagging her tail lol god im going to get a big bruise on my forehead , so watch when ya playing with ya dogs lol


    lol, you JUST realized this? haha I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bonked my head with my dogs, or her somehow head butting my shin or knee when playing around. My friend was recently kneeling down and my dog, Kobie, happened to jerk her head up quickly and my friend now has a nice lump above her eye. lol Definitely gotta watch out for the heads!


    I was playing ball with my pit and she come running at me full speed I opened my legs thinking she was going to pass through well she decided to go right and caught my shin with her head whipped my leg back dropped me on the ground as she kept going not a hesitation in her step she ended up fracturing my shin


    Oh my! Thank goodness that didn’t happen when Ace ran into my leg. I had a nice bruise but he didn’t break my shin. When my two are outside running and chasing toys or each other you better stand clear cause they will run over anything or anyone in their way. When I take them to my parents to run because they have a much bigger yard we have to keep them tied up with a rope because they run off. Now this a a nylon rope hooked to one of those ground posts that has the spinning top right at the top of the post. They probably have about 100 ft each on their rope. So When they go after something or are just chasing each other they have plenty of line to wear themselves out lol. Well sometimes Ace gets a bit rough so we have to stop him. I went out to get him in the middle of the yard (mistake) he thought it was game and took off well then Kira was right behind him and I got my ankle rope burned and almost fell on my rear! Yeah it was not cool, my mom came out and got them settled down as I unwrapped my ankle. Nothing is like to pits 50 and 60 pounds running at full speed giving you a rope burn! At first it looks red then it burns like crazy and scabs up its horrible and always leaves a scar. So from now on you NEVER go out in the yard LOL.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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