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    My almost-2-year-old male pit bull has had issues since he was about six months old. He kept getting crusty, itchy ears, but they were not infected – no smell, no discharge. Then we noticed small bumps all over his body. We finally figured out (through some help from his breeder) that he was allergic to grain. So we started giving him raw chicken legs for about two weeks (also at the breeders recommendation), then switched him to grain-free food. That seemed to really help. We have been feeding him Taste of the Wild Bison. The last time I went to the feed store, they were out of Bison, so I got him Salmon. After about five days, he has bumps all over his body and his ears are so itchy he’s having trouble sleeping. Could he be allergic to fish, also? Any suggestions? (Oh – and our female pit, who is seven months, has not shown any allergies yet. BUT, she has these bumps after five days on the salmon food, also.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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