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First time pitbull owner

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    Princess Annie

    I recently adopted a three year old female pitbull. Annie was raised by a friend with children and other animals. She recently needed a new home because my friend was moving. I was hesitant to bring Annie home but after getting to know her I fell in love. She is the most gentle, lovable dog ever. She fits in great with my five year old black lab and two year old yorkie poo. My five year old daughter dresses Annie up and Annie just lays there patiently. She rides in the vehicle nicely without whining or barking. She walks nicely and doesnt bark at other people or dogs. She does whimper at squirrels and birds but that is cute. I never thought I would be a pitbull owner, I have had family criticize me for bringing a “bully dog” into my home and around my children. I feel frustrated dealing with this. I personly feel any dog can turn and it is mostly the owners that make there dogs mean or not.


    Welcome. I’m new here also and we love our pit too


    I totally agree with you! We had a lot of people say “What?!” when they heard about Katie’s breed, but within second of meeting her, they changed their tune! “She’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever seen!” We’ve gotten used to everyone who meets her gushing about how great she is. And the people who haven’t met her (or a dog like her) will never understand what it means to be a Proud Pit Bull Owner.

    I hope your family “gets over it” like ours has, and you have many, many happy years with your new “kid”.


    I am in the same boat! Adopted a 6 month old baby girl from a family member, she told us the dog was an American Bulldog and then days later text me that the dog was an American Pitbull Terrier.  Think she was afraid we wouldnt take her.  She is so loving, since she is still a baby I will have lots of chances to socialize her and raise her as part of our family!

    Congratulations on your new family member!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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