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    ok heres the thing. I have a 3 yr old pit and just rescued a 8 month old pit, the 3 yr old wants to growl at the 8 month old when he wants to go by the food bowl… so i tried puttin another food bowl down so theres 2 bowls but he the older pit still growls. I dont know what else to do??? any ideas??????


    feed them in different rooms at the same time. or feed the older pitt outside. when he is ready to come in play with him till the younger one is finished


    I’d do the above; always separate when they’re being fed. This includes for treats and scraps. Some dogs are food aggressive. I’ve never found a successful way to train them out of it and be able to trust them 100%. My current dog we’ve gotten lucky with; but she’s still fed in a crate well away from the cats just in case.


    WOW what a great question. I did the same. We rescued a pit and then rescued another after about a year. The second was food aggressive (because of a nasty old dog that use to growl at her while eating at her 1st home–before she was rescued) We separated their bowls about 20feet apart, fed at the same time and scolded if they got too close to one another. 2months later– both dogs eat fine and even can have their bowls next to each other. I think it also helped that we have food in the bowls constantly. The oldest dog wont eat if not hungry which helps a little. Good luck with your beauties!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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