Extra cuddliness

Submitted by rebeccajoshuaoshea on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 23:10

SO our year and 8 month old O'Shea has been extra cuddly lately, and I have no idea why. He seems to be feeling just fine--no differences in his potty schedule, except he seems to need to go on extra longer walks in order to go #2. Otherwise, he is on a regular schedule (for the most part).

I have heard pets are very keen to pregnancy, but I'm not sure that's the reason why he's so cuddly. I know not all birth control is 100% protective, but I've been on mine for awhile (almost a full year), and we haven't had any reasons to believe I'd be pregnant. Just wondered if anyone had any other thoughts/possibilities. THANKS :)

My pitties are very senisative to me. They have bond with my family very much. If I am having a down day I have one that will sit with me in my crying chair. But I can be on the couch and she will come if I am crying. If I am happy she will pick on me like a teenager. they can sense alot of things.
I had a mutt that would sleep on my stomach thru both pregnancies. They are part of our pack. Enjoy it your puppy is bonding with your child already. Your child has a best friend.

Well, we should find out this week if the pregnancy thing is indeed the reason for this extra cuddliness. We'll be sure to let you all know!! :) All in all, we're delightful that our pup is so cuddly...and he's feeling fine! No change in potty schedules, just extra cuddly, with both my husband and I!

Well, no baby on the way! I guess he could be extra cuddly because of a weather change? It's been getting cooler, so maybe he has an up on us with that one. Otherwise, maybe he is hinting at us to have a kid? Haha--who knows. I'm just glad it's not a one-sided cuddliness. Just last night, while my sis and nephew were visiting, my nephew/I were sleeping in one room and O'Shea had slept with us one night, but last night--he went to sleep with my husband downstairs--SO CUTE.

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