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    can anybody tell my what to give my pitbull to play with. he destroys everything i give him!!


    kong toys! they will still destroy them but not as quickly. also if he is a puppy he has a lot of chewing to do, like human babies. also get hime different thpes of toys some that are just for play and chewing and others that stimulate his brain which can keep him occupied for hours.


    My dog is a pit black lab mix which are notorious chewers.  He destroys every toy I give him in 10 mintues flat.  Once the squeeker is out he’s over it haha.  I give him Nylabones, which he loves!  Just be careful because once they start to wear them down to points you need to take them away so they don’t cut up their gums.  I also give him coconuts to chew on.  For some reason my dog likes to chew on things that have layers.  He’ll lay there and husk a coconut until he gets to the center. I’ve seen the Kongs but have never tried them because my dog is not a big ball/rubber toy animal.  Good luck!


    Coconut huh??? Pebbles is that way too – chewing things off in layers. I’ll have to get her one of those. 

      Everynow and then I’ll shove peanut butter down one of the bones – makes them last longer and was a less expensive alternative to Kongs…..only now we have to make sure we ALWAYS put away the peanut butter container cause she’ll thieve it! lol


    Guess im lucky with Layla in a lot of ways. her food bag sits out in the open. she walks passed it and never bothers it. She doesnt have a kennel and doesnt bother it while i am at work all day. ive never known another dog that does that.


    If your dog is a big chewer like ours is, the one thing that has stood up to his habits is a beef bone–no other kind (not a ham bone), but a beef bone that may have marrow on the inside. We did away with rawhides, as he would chew and chew and chew until they were soft, then eat them! With the beef bones, he does not break them (unless it’s a “fake” beef bone–he has broken them in half, and we then take away and throw away). Otherwise, toys with layers (and maybe squeakers) on the inside? We found a toy (forget the name) that had like four layers of stitching, and squeakers in the middle. Wanted to purchase but it was $20, just for this one toy! Oh well..I guess we have a small price to pay for a toy that may last awhile longer, instead of getting cheaper ones that last about 10 minutes! Good luck to you!


    Try an Unbreakaball. They are amazing and if your dog does manage to destroy it they send you another one free of charge!!



    I give my dogs (including spike my pit) thick branches of tree. They make a bit of a mess but they are free

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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