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Demodectic Mange

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    Mergh, but our one year old Lucian has Demodex and it’s getting out of hand. We’ve been treating it with monthly Promeris as per the vet but it’s not really helping. He did fine in winter on the Promeris, with 2 monthly doses. Now his entire butt is bald and sunburned. And his tale base is now cracking open from the skin being so dry. We’ve asked the vet what we can do and she’s given us more Promeris to treat til we can bring him in to have him checked. He’s going to have to have a dip we think due to severity. He’s also picking up some kind of really nasty infection in his feet thanks to the Demodex and his love of swimming in the ponds. Any advice on what we can do to help him be more comfy until we get this crap treated? The husband’s been putting triple anitbiotic on his bum, but he’s so miserable. Add to that he’s got sever hip displasia and you can get the image of my youngest furry child being miserable and as his mother I hate it. I do not like seeing his big brown eyes looking at me with pain and discomfort in them. Any and all advice is appreciated!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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