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dealing with anxiety

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    So my rescued 2 – 3 yr old boxer/pit mix seems to be showing some anxiety symptoms.  There is a clear case of separation anxiety when any one person leaves.  For example, she’ll start whining and running from door to window to door as soon as my boyfriend leaves even if I am home.  She’ll do the same if just I leave and even worse if our other dog leaves.  She does calm down after 5 mins or so so it really isn’t an extreme case.  But she shows other signs of just plain anxiety or over excitability. If while on the walk we hear a dog bark she begins to immediately whine and her haunches come up a bit.  She isn’t dog agressive except on her own property/in her house. She also continuously whines while in the car.  This is a constant, non-stop whine.  I have no idea why or how to deal with this. She does quit down some once we get onto the highway, but when we are going through the towns or slow down the whining picks back up again. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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