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Dandi tried to save my brother.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Dandi tried to save my brother.

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    She failed miserably, but it’s a cute story.

    She failed miserably, but it’s a cute story.
    A few nights ago my brother was in the kitchen prying frozen hot dogs apart. He had just gotten off work and hadn’t eaten all day. He ended up cutting his finger.
    Mum went to get him a bandaid and when she came back he was in the midst of passing out (-cough-likeawuss-cough-). Mum caught him as best she could (he’s 21, 160lbs and probably over 6ft. She’s like, 5’2.).

    All this time I was in my room sleeping off a migraine and I all I hear is ‘COME GET YOUR DOG’. I went out after the third or fourth scream, figuring she had eaten one of the cats or something. But no.

    She was standing in front of him, stalk still, licking his face and trying to wake him up. She’s done this to me several times during panic attacks, but mum had never seen her do it before. And she was worried that my brother would hurt her when he woke up (he’s never passed out before and isn’t fond of her; she didn’t know how he’d react to her licking him while he’s disoriented and whatnot).

    So I grabbed her and she was all worried and accidentally jumped on his finger and got put in her crate. Poor dog wouldn’t leave him alone when we got back from the hospital. She just had no idea what to think!

    But she’s such a lovely little hero wannabe. I think my brother has a bit more respect for her now 😀

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