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Cruciate Ligament tear

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    Hi all.  We’ve been extremely stressed out by this lately.  Our 6-7 year old female Staffie has some how torn her cruciate ligament in her knee.  This is similar to a ACL tear in a human knee.  Surgery is a must to heal this, no amount of physical therapy or rest will make a difference.  We have had two different vets, one surgeon specialized in orthopedic cases, tell us this.  So we are prepared for that and getting to the point of being prepared to pay the crazy high price for this surgery.  I was just wondering if anyone’s dog has gone through this.  Kind of asking what I can expect, I guess.  What’s physical therapy like?  How long was the recovery process?  What things did you do before and/or after the surgery to help your pet out and make them more comfortable?  Any tips on keeping your dog calm and resting, especially when they have a four legged younger but bigger in size sister that is hyper and likes to run and chase and jump on older but smaller in size sister?  I guess really any advice that I can get would be really helpful.  Did you get your dog a knee brace?  Is that worth it to help in recovery?  I know these are things that I can ask my vet and the surgeon but it’s nice to talk to a dog owner who has gone through it and maybe a little more candid than a vet or surgeon. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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