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Crate time

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    So my question is how long can your dog be in the crate? We are gone about 7-8 hrs a day three days a week. While at work is that too long to be in a crate? He sleeps with us at night is that bad for him? Or does it create any bad behaviors?


    my bailey spends about the same time in her crate when im out and shes fine with it if im going to be any longer i get my friend to check in on her but so far bailey has been ok in her crate there is plenty of room and her toys are in there with her ,as for letting her sleep in with us thats a big no no i thing sooner or later you might come to regrete letting yours sleep in with you ,the crate is baileys bed were she feels safe and i know shes not going to get in to harm i make sure she always sleeps in her crate at night 

    raisins mom

    We crate both our pitbull and our shepherd when we are at work and sometimes that can be near 10 hours.  Neither dog seems to have any problems and most time I arrive home and find them sleeping. We just make sure that they both get out and excercised eachday. And like you its about 3 days a week.  We try to break it up since we both work shift work and are on opposite times ( I wake up when he arrives home and when I return he has just left to go back).  So most those times in the crate are really when we are sleeping.  

    Each dog has two crates, one is called “kennel” and those are kept in the livingroom and that is where they are when we work or are out doin errands etc.. At night we say “bedroom” and they run to their crates located next to the bed. I think its cool for people who like to sleep with their dogs but it never hurts to have them used to being crated at night just incase there is an unexpected reason for them to not be in bed with you. I know my cat appreciates them not in the bed since they would spend more time tormenting her then sleeping.  = )

    i luv my pitbull

    Herman does a few hours at a time during the day if necessary. He’s free to go in and come out as he wants most of the time.


    we crate our do for 4-6 hours with no prob as well as straight throught the night with out any problems.

    As for letting the dog sleep with you enjoy it as long as the dog gets that it is your bed and he is a guest. I f the dog becomes possesive ove rthe bed then you may have to change your plans

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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