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Bull Dog OFF LEASH Attacks Man And His Pitbull

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    Hello all!  Get this!  My husband was walking our pitbull and was attacked by a bull dog that was off leash.  My husband and our dog were walking on the sidewalk around the corner from our home.  This bull dog charges out of its yard and rams my dog in the chest and nips my dog a few times.  My husband was trying to hold our dog back and was kicking at the other dog to try and keep it away.  Then my husband fell on the ground and was kicking at the bull dog – and the bull dog bite my husband a few times.  But then, our pitbull charged into action defending her master.  Our dog bite down on the bull dog a few times and shuke it.  Well – by the time the owner of the bull dog comes out – they are pulling the dogs apart and the bull dog is spurting blood and just a bloody mess.  They lady and I just to chat every now and then, and would laugh that my dog has a record – and I had to go to dog court because my dog got out and scared some bitchy neighborhood women.  The woman who owned the bull dog screamed at my husband that our pit bull has a record – and called my husband an asshole and was very disrespectful to my husband – and he was the vicitm of her dog off leash!!!!  So – about five days later the investigator calls and says the woman’s dog was off leash and she accepted full responsibility and was sorry – and that the case was closed.  I said – hey wait a minute.  My husband was bitten and was a victim and so was my dog.  Why is it that when my pitbull dog got out and scared people – we were hauled into dog court and my dog is labeled “Vicious.”  Now – that bull dog bit my husband a few times – bite my dog a few times – and you are closing your case?  He said those people my dog scared made a big stink and that is why it got so far.  I told him – I was 99% sure my husband would not pursue a vicious dog hearing – but insisted the investigator atleast talk to my husband for his side of the story – as he was a VICTIM!!!  So – we did not pursue any further action and that lady got a warning about her bull dog.  WOW – Why am I not surprised that this attack did not make the newspaper???  Where was the media???

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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