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BSL (Pit Bull Ban) passed in Carthage, MS

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    StopBSL reports that BSL has been passed in Carthage, MS with no grandfather clause.

    Carthage has no leash law. This quote from the city attorney, Alan
    Rhea, boggles the mind: “By putting in the ban on the specific
    breeds,” the attorney said, “you eliminate having to prove the dogs are

    Contact city officials and attorney:

    City Hall, 212 Main Street, Carthage, MS 39051
    Phone: 601-267-8322
    Fax: 601-267-5955

    Read more


    We’ll we wouldn’t want to burden prosecutors with actually having to PROVE someone is guilty before punishment, now would we?


    How about proving the dogs ARENT DANGEROUS by doing some research on the breed. Its the loser owners who think having a mean aggressive dog is cool. Im sick of ignorance blaming an entire breed for a few bad eggs THAT EVERY DOG BREED HAS especially if they have irresponsible owners.

    This would be like making a law against all german people for what they did to the jewish people years ago. (no offense towards germans or jewish people of course!)


    Bsl makes me sick. It I’d not the breeds fault it is the idiotic sorry excuse for dog owners fault. The ones that thu
    think it cool to have an agressive dog on keep them chaine up all day long with no human contact. Every town should have a leash law to keep fight from happening. These are people dogs. They crave human attention. Grrr people are just afraid of what they don’t understand. These di
    dogs are the best dogs in th world if you treat them right.


    OMG, talk about ignorance. I hope all pibble lovers/owners write and call your local area to fight this.


    I love the underlining of this website “Dogs for smart people”. SO TRUE. If you are not aware of the dog….of the regulations….of policies….of general breed behavior…you SHOULD NOT OWN A PIT! Too many ‘bad press’ issues arise b/c the owners get the dog to be a “Pit” by looks…but do not take the time to know the breed and qualities of the dog…then wonder why with no training…and no collars…there are news stories of “DANGEROUS BREED: PIT BULL”….ugh. it makes me fume on the inside :/


    isn’t it a lawyers job to prove their case. Well I am glad we made their job easier, and the lives of pitt owners harder. MS you really let down a bunch of dogs that just want a good home and owners that understand them.


    It’s all pretty simple “it’s not the breed, it’s the deed”. Not to mention more often then not people need to look at the other end of the leash. Let’s face it all Pits wanna do is make their owner happy. SO if the idiot at the other end of the leash is not responsible, caring, and activly positive in it’s Pits life then that person should be responsible for anything negative that may happen NOT the dog. People need to research before they start passin BSL’s all over the place. A little bit of education can take you really far.


    my dog has this shirt that says i was bit by a poodle can we ban them too? i waws raised with golden retrievers and labs and by farrrr my pit bull is the sweetest thing in the world!!!!


    come on now not fair at all for the bully breed ,it is not their fault that they have a**holes for owners who don’t care or love ,only want them 4 show and to make aggressive,they are a very loving breed i no i have 2 pitties a mother an daughter both are an caring towards me an my family. one more thing if you do bann pits don’t forget labs or goldenretrivers ,and germanshephards to they bite more people then pits you just hear about it because people don’t say nothin when those dogs go wild an bite someone only pits which is bull****!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that law don’t pass here in BOSTON,MASS because thier are some cops here who own pitbulls too. like i said not the breed it the owner not bein responsible but bein irresponible. learn the truth about the breed before you condeem the breed and stop talkin s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MY PITBULLS!!!!!!!!!!


    Okay. Pits are TERRIERS, yes they will chase small things, so help them by racing them! let them have fun chasing stuff! plus if everyone would just simply socialize them by training, they wouldnt be banned in places! they r dogs! not monsters! ppl r so wrong about them! pretty soon this breed will go extinct because of stupid people who pass a stupid law against a dog who PEOPLE trained to be “vicious”

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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