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bringing in a pit puppy with an adult??

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion bringing in a pit puppy with an adult??

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    I have an 8 year old male whom I’ve had since he was 6 weeks old. I really want to bring in a puppy but I fear it will be a bad idea. I have already tried with a 6 month old male and he would not just not submit to my dog at all! So I’m wondering about a 7 week old female…please help any advice is appreciated!


    hello..well i have a 1 and a few month old male pit…and we recently got a famale pit she was about 2 months when we got her. i was kind of scared that he wouldnt like her, or bully her but you juts have to be patient, give off confident energy.. and introduce them slowly and supervise them! He would sniff her and walk in circles around her and after two days of him avoiding her her finally excepted her and there best of friends now!…i also tried a male, he was a friends puppy but my otis just didnt want anything to do with him…i guess it just depends..well i really hope i some what helped! :]


    Going through the same thing now! I just adopted a 12 week old pit puppy and have been slowly introducing him to my 1.5 year old female pit. The first couple of days were rough but they’re adjusting. Since both weren’t used to being around other dogs, each was pushing each other’s buttons. The puppy quickly learned where his boundaries were and after 1 incident with biting, they’ve been much more at ease with each other. In fact, yesterday the puppy was following the older one around the around and trying to steal her ball (which he learned very quickly he can’t do… now he just gives it back).

    Don’t leave them unsupervised. If you notice your older pit getting too close or getting a look of agression in his eyes, tell him to back off. With just saying “No.. back away” my older pit knows to avoid the puppy and vice versa. Find a place where they both have plenty of room to themselves whether it’s a room or the yard. Spend equal time with each animal that space and make sure you praise them when you see god behavior!

    Just be patient! Don’t stress if they get into a few tussels at first. Remember, they are both having to adjust!!!


    Generally even dog aggressive dogs will accept a young(under 6ish months) pup of the opposite sex. My Yami is very dog aggressive but quickly adjusted to Zelda. She was 13 weeks old.


    Bringing 2 males into the mix can be disasterous. It was a no go with mine and we ended up with a gaping hole in the shoulder n stitches. I was with them and it happened so fast. A female/male combination may work better. It’s best to introduce them outside of the home in a nutural area like a park where they can sniff and feel each other out. Check out http://www.pbrc.net under mutli dogs. Since I made the committment to have another dog in my home we now follow the crate n rotate method and that works for us. Good Luck

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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