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Bedtime Potty Training

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    My hubs and I adopted our Pit mix Layla in Sept 2010.  She is roughly somewhere between possibly 1 1/2 – 2 years old.  I believe the clinic had guestimated her b-day to be 1/23/09 so she may be over 2 now, but we’re just not sure.  

    Anyway during the day while we are at work she is crate trained.  Unfortunately she can’t be trusted alone in the house.  She will probably destroy anything she can get her teeth on.  She is very good and has never gone potty in her crate.  Once we are home and when we are home all day on weekends she is very good with letting us know she wants to go outside to go potty.  She’ll usually walk to the front door and bark, and thats her potty signal.  

    She used to also sleep in the crate.  We slowly adjusted her to sleep outside of the crate, and for the most part she has done very well.  She understands when it’s our bedtime (we do not allow her in our bedroom, we go to the bedroom and close the door) and for the most part she sleeps on the couch all night.  

    Lately though she has been having poop accidents overnight.  Always in the same spot in the kitchen also.  I’m glad she’s doing it on the wood floor and not on the carpet, easier to clean, but I still can’t figure out how to break her of this habit.  She always goes out shortly after her dinner, and we always let her go out before we go to bed.  We always allow her more than enough time to do her thing if she has the need.   The problem is she does not notify us at night if she gets the urge.  If she were to bark it would definitely wake us up, and one of us would let her outside.  But she doesn’t.  She just walks into the kitchen and goes.  Usually when she does it I wake up shortly after just because well, as I’m sure a lot of people know Pit Poop is some of the most  noxious poop out there!  Our house is small so even though our bedroom door is closed the smell tends to penetrate the whole house!!  

    Sometimes my husband will sleep on the couch for a few nights, so the dog knows he’s there and can let him know if she gets the urge.  And that seems to help for a bit.  But he can’t sleep on the couch all the time, and usually shortly after he returns to sleeping in the bedroom she starts with the accidents again.  How can we train her to bark or notify us in someway when she gets an overnight poop attack? 

    raisins mom

    We have the same problem.  Raisin does not make a noise.  If we up he will go up to the door and sit but when we asleep he will just go in his crate, not even a whimper.  I haven’t tried it but I wonder if teaching him to tap the bell when he wants out would work?  Something to consider because it would wake you up. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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