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Agression and Saddness

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    I didn’t know were else to go with this story. I am Sorta new to the site but have already made my introductions. This week I am fighting with not only sterotypes but poor handling as well…. I’m so angry and have no clue how to handle my emotions.
    Well let me share my story maybe it will help. I am and animal of all kind lover. I rescue not only pitbulls but any kind of animal I come across. If you had read my introduction you know I recently rescued a wonderful baby pit we named Chevy. A few weeks after we brought him home I went out and rescued Two 2 day old sheep. I had to bottle feed them and rear them all on my own as I didnt have a momma ewe for them. Chevy took over right away and was never late for a feeding or cleaning or just play time. He adopted these two sheep all for himself and loved them as his own. When it was time for them to go outside and no longer be coddled in our home he threw a fit and had to spend most of his time in the pen with the lambs. It was such a heart warming thing to go tend my garden and have my lil pack following me. 3 kids 2 sheep and chevy all in a line everywere I went. It had brightened up our days. We knew that when they begun to spend 24 hours outside that wild animals would soon become a danger. But I never would have expected what happened next. Fathers day weekend we spent the whole day out in the yards with the animals had a rather normal day and wonderful night. The lambs got a treat of coming in the house for cleaning time and chevy got some extra snuggle time then it was time to move them back to there pen. Everything was normal midnight check was great nothing out of the norm my lambs sleeping at the door and chevy waiting on the other side of it for morning so we went to bed.
    Our neighbor had asked us if we had rescued a new dog and we hadnt thought anything of it… The morning was not nearly as routine. Apon waking on fathers day my husband took chevy out to the yard not the pen as I was still sleeping. Chevy instantly acted out of the norm and ran off to the pen fencing. his hair stood up in a hawk and his body puffed in ways we had never seen before. My husband instinctively went to see what had aggitated Chevy as he never does such. When my husband got there all he could see was one lamb down and blood. The whole house was awake in seconds chevy started barking my husband went running through the house to get to the pen but not in time….. By the time our back door was open our female lamb was dead puncture wounds in the neck and very likely broken. My male lamb was bleeding profusly from his head and neck but there was no sign of wild animal it was just wounds no marks of being eaten…… thats when my neighbor came and told me he saw a dog in our yard it looked like a red pit to him and he just thought it was a new rescue. 🙁 Come to find out a few days later when I was cleaning the yard and my computer room it was a pitbul. A pit fitting the discription of the dog seen in my yard by 2 neighbors was found again in my pen area diggin through the same part of broken fence the attack came from. I went out to try to leash the dog but it had noticed me. obvioulsy not scared though as it had followed the sent directly to the grave sites and dug my poor lambs up. My poor children had to witness this and my chevy baby so wanted to protect his babes. I can see the depression in his eyes he follows the sent and tracks the ares were the attack was marks the broken fence and stands gaurd more than ever. He hasnt been more agressive but almost defeated like he knows he didnt protect the lambs. 🙁
    My heart is broken to pieces as I have first had witnessed pit abuse improper training and such but never would I have expected to feel such anger toward another dog of this breed. I love pits but now fear to go into my yard. I have three kids and chevy is still a pup…. what if they had been outside? The pit was aggressive enough to scare me and my husband. I fear now that i may have to make a fatefull call reporting this dog. but my heart is torn between the need to save the dogs and the fear of knowing one that has already had blood and killed is less then 2 houses away… so far the count is 3 birds one cat, skunk and 2 lambs i found in my yard dead in the same manor. Any advice?


    Report it.
    This dog is dangerous and doing nothing for the breed. If it’s showing any sign of human aggression, it needs to be put to sleep. Not reporting it because of the breed is just as bad as hating it because of the breed. Even if it isn’t showing human aggression, it needs to be in a home that can deal with a terriers killer instinct and house it appropriately.


    I agree with Zr.


    I completely agree as well. We had the police out the day of the incident but the dog was not on scene. Since then we have reported it twice and atleast 2 of our neighbors have as well. I am not sure what or where it is now. We have not had it in our yard for a week now thankfully. I hope that it means the dog has been taken into custody or such. 🙁 Its just a shame to have to sentence such a beauty like that always tears my heart out. Especially when you know and see that it wasnt all the dogs fault better owners make better dogs 🙁


    It’s a shame when this sort of thing happens, but you did the right thing. Hopefully the dog is contained and won’t have a chance to make any headlines.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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