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Aggressive when eating

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    I recently got two pit puppies they are 13 weeks old and very sweet and smart. They play great with my kids and are learning fast. But since I got them they show food aggression. Not towards my family but towards eachother. I can stick my hand in the food bowl, take away the food bowl, and even take a treat out of their mouth and they just wag their tails and let me do it with no problem. but if their sibling even comes near their food they growl and snarl and have actually attacked each other. So, right now we are feeding them in different rooms to try and prevent this, but I really would like some advise on how to feed them in the same room without a fight.

    Also when we first got them they practically inhaled their food in a matter of seconds. Now they are both a little better, not eating quite so fast.


    Well it sounds like they weren’t being fed properly before you got them or they wouldn’t have wanted to inhale their food. As they learn that it will always be there at that time of day and they aren’t going to starve they will calm down and eat slower. Also when other dogs are around it’s competion so they will eat faster. As for the aggression with each other. Some people will say you shouldn’t feed dogs right next to each other. I feed mine right next to each other and if I don’t watch them they share bowls lol. I think if you just keep monitoring them when they eat and make them understand that is not allowed they will get better with time. When you notice it starting dominate the food and eventually it should show them you are in control and that is not acceptable behavior. Also take them to obedience so they understand sharing with other dogs. It will take patients but if they are smart like you said they will catch on.



    Is there a reason as to why you want them to eat in the same room? You can hand feed them. This teaches them who the leader of the pack is. You can also place kibble mixed with peanut butter inside a kong and make them work for their dinner. My dogs eat in separate rooms to avoid confrontation and other’s may recommend placing their food bowls in their crates so they don’t feel threatened of another dog taking his food. Check out http://www.pbrc.net under NFL and multi-dog homes. Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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