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Advise about getting a pitbull

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    My dog just recently passed and i have been thinking about getting a puppy. I have always wanted a pitbull the are such beautiful dogs,so i went online to find out more about them. Almost everywhere i looked it said they are dog- agressive and i was just wondering if anyone had other dog along with the pitbull and have had no trouble because my boyfriend is moving in with me and he has a pekeniese and i really want to get a pitbull but i am afriad that it will be agressive toward the other dog. Some people tell me it all on how it is trained others say that it’s their insticint i figured since this place is all about pit bulls i would be better off finding  an answer on here


    I have a pi and 2 labs.They get along fine, but! a Pekenise? I would feel sorry for the little thing, not because of agression, because of the fact the pit bulls are hard at play,I hear my Lab crying sometimes. Not sure if it would be a good idea…..


    I have a pit and a golden retriever cross.  My goldie is ancient (almost 15) and my pit is very good with her!  In fact, if he does accidentally get a little rough, she growls and he goes belly up like a pup, even though he could easily hurt her.  We’ve also dog sat for a border collie mix, a teacup chihuahua and a 9 week old lab puppy. Kaos played a little rough with the border collie, but that’s because she played rough back.  We just kept an eye on them to make sure it didn’t get out of hand.  I’m embarrassed to admit that the chihuahua, the puppy, the pekingese across the street, the chihuahua and the min pin across the street, as well as the dachsunds down the street all bully my bully.  He RUNS, tail tucked from my mother-in-law’s 4 lb chihuahua (I would too, if I could!)  What it all comes down to is the individual dog and how you raise them.  Are there pits that are dog aggressive?  YES!!!!  But, that’s not a judgement of ALL pits, or even the majority.  For the most part, if they are properly raised and socialized they are fantastic family dogs.  If you get a puppy and teach him or her from the gate that you are boss and that the little ankle biter IS NOT a chew toy, you shouldn’t have problems.  My advice would be to monitor them closely, because even accidents can be deadly, but as far as the pit being aggressive, or intentionally injuring the little one, you shouldn’t need to worry too much.  Just keep in mind when you’re teaching your puppy, it’s looking to you to set the boundaries.  If you allow the puppy to play rough with the other dog, he will play rough as a 60+ lb adult.  If you teach him that rough play is unacceptable, he will respect that as an adult, too.


    Kaos is the most dog-friendly dog I’ve EVER met!!!  He’s even had dogs posture or growl at him and he’s never ever ever been aggressive in return.  He’s afraid of little dogs and lets puppies beat him up.  I would feel bad for my pit if we had an ankle biter!!!!


    Yes i agree with all your comments. I actually have 2 pits and they are both great with other dogs.. my only question to you is are u ready to work with the puppy and get proper training and socialization with people and animals …. I think that is the big thing with the breed they can be stuborn at times ..

    Also with any dog if there is more than one you may want to kennel them in the house when you cant supervise them because all dogs can get into a scuffle once in a while .. I love the breed and raised a puppy pit and she got loose and hit by a car. so instead of getting another puppy I went to a local pit bull rescue and got 2 3 year old pits 1 female and 1 male… great option to the issues with over breeding.. only other thing i suggest is neuter the dog ..



    I would suggest you get a puppy, and start socializing it early with your other dog. if you do that, you wont have a problem.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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