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Accessive Jumping

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    My Pit/Husky mix Georgia is a wild child! She is a little over a year old and is very well behaved…until someone comes in the house. At 55 pounds she is not easy to ignore and she jumps all over people the minute they walk in. We have tried since she was a puppy to break this and failed. We have tried ignoring until she calms down, holding her on a leash(we have went through several collars because she pulled so hard she wore the snaps down and they would pull apart with one little tug) and making her leave the room until she calmed down…which was a horrible idea. That just made it worse. Now, no one likes to come to the house because they know Georgia is going to jump all over them for the first 15 minutes they are here. I don’t know what else to do and I’m afraid its too late to get her to learn not to jump.


    If I’m expecting someone I make mine sit and stay until the person is in the house and I make sure to greet the person first, those steps alone helped out a lot as mine is the same age and had the same problem. I also jump train her a lot though so she gets used to jumping when instructed and doesn’t do it much otherwise.. so far she can grab a tennis ball 6 ft out of the air and is improving constantly!

    *She is definitely antsy while I make her wait for the person and have to remind her to stay a few times because she’s so excited to see a new person.


    I have heard that you should make your dog sit and wait, after the door bell has rung or the knock on the door happens and she starts getting excited make her sit or lay down and tell her to wait. Then you go to the door and greet your guest, BUT if she gets up to follow you to the door do not open it, make her sit/lay and start over. It may take a while, and you may want to warn your guest that it could take a while, but once she stays, and you welcome in your guest, tell her to greet and hopefully she won’t jump up!! If she does jump start ALL over again!! It can take time so get a friend who understands and is willing to help!

    raisins mom

    My lil guy loves to jump on me when I come home and I tried the turning my back on him and ignoring and it did not work. The trainer at the SPCA advised me to continue to ignore him and walk into him and continue on my way. With in a week or so he stopped jumping to greet me.

    I also do the same with the sit and wait command which has helped when greeting others. All about repetition. Lots and lots of repetiton and treats.

    Good luck = )


    my puppy pit used to jump when any of us walked in the door ,this was my fault because i was always exited to see her when i walked in ,i used to give her loads off fuss ,but all i do now its pat her on the head and say hello and walk away ,the jumping at people soon stopped when ever we have visitors .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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