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Saying Goodbye

I’ve loved this loveseat for as long as I can remember. It was my very own.  Whenever my humans would sit on their couch, I would just jump up on my loveseat and relax from the hard work of being a good dog.Bauer the Pit Bull mix snuggled up

Sometimes I would get a chewy rawhide to savor on it.  And they always tasted so good.  I would usually save some for later on the fabric, because I’m smart.  Smelling it and then licking it off the cushions always made my day better.

The best part: the loveseat always smelled like me.  There was no need to prove ownership to anyone.  All they had to do was take whiff and they would know that this is Bauer’s and think “I better ask him before I sit down.” 

And I always let them, because I like to share with humans.

You know who didn’t like sharing with?  My annoying little sister, Kaiah.  She thinks she owns the place.  Any place.  But she doesn’t.

Bauer and Kaiah Scrambling for roomUghh she makes me so mad sometimes.  There I am sleeping on my loveseat, and she jumps on my back.  Do I look like I want to play right now?  Idiot.

If she behaved herself, I let her stay up and share.  But that was only 1 time out of every thousand times.

Why am I speaking in the past tense about this wonderful piece of
furniture?  Because it’s now gone.  And not a day goes by that I don’t
think about what could have been possible: even better naps.

Bauer and Kaiah dogs too tired to fight

But every dog gets fleas at least once in their life.  It’s not our fault we taste so good.  It just happens.  They really itch.  I hate them.  Nothing like other bugs.  Other bugs actually know how to play.

My humans did their jobs and got rid of them, but to be safe, they also had to get rid of my loveseat.  They made some stupid excuses, saying it was old, that we were moving anyway so it’s the perfect time to get rid of unwanted furniture…

Did you hear that?  Unwanted furniture.  I really question their brains sometimes.

Don’t worry.  I still love them anyway.

They just have less room for themselves on the other couch now.  Which is now mine, by the way.

This is Bauer's loveseatSo goodbye loveseat.  I still miss you everyday, but I’m doing ok without you.

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if you want.  I’ll love you whether you do or not.

Author: Matthias

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7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. OMG to funny!! If I did not
    OMG to funny!! If I did not know better I would say the story was about my 2 crazy dogs!!! We had to get new furniture also and I took away there huge ottoman, but now they have a bigger and better space, a new love seat. Roscoe is happy once again.

  2. Tooooo cute!!!! Loved it!!!!
    Tooooo cute!!!! Loved it!!!! When I read the title Saying Goodbye and having just lost my 16 yr, 3 mo and 4 day old baby girl exactly 2 mo ago today, I was preparing myself for a real tear jerker of an article. So, I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself smiling throughout the whole thing.

  3. Just wait, when you least
    Just wait, when you least expect it Bauer will be taking claim of your king size bed. Mine did.