Pit Bull News Highlights - Week of January 28th, 2011

Philadelphia is blazing the trail with their free spay/neuter policy for pits and mixed pit breeds.  Maybe this will inspire other initiatives aound the country.

Winnipeg has a ban on pit bulls but there are some people that know the truth about pit bulls and are fighting to have the 21 year ban lifted.  Dog Trainer Ashley Reid has gotten the ball rolling.

And a story about a random act of kindness.  A dog was found during the blizzard last week in New York by a blogger who then wrote about finding it and telling how it was shivering and "half frozen" and needed a home.  After many people were willing to take the dog, the blogger finally gave it to a couple who had just lost their pit bull.

Have you seen any positive news recently?

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I was wondering, if anyone, can give me an example of a dog, of any breed, that was born mean, vicious, to be a fighter?  Ferel dogs aren't even mean, scared, timid, cautious, not born mean.

People make dogs mean, people teach dogs to fear, to be aggressive and if they aren't intentionally taught it, they are just a product of their enviroment, it is the only way they have lived.

Dogs, no matter what breed, are just like humans.  Humans aren't born mean, are their mean humans?  Yes there are.  Are their mean dogs, certainly.

Humans are usually mean for the same reason as dogs, it is the way they lived, the only way they know.  Humans do have the exception of mental illness.

Signaling out a breed of dog is kind of like singaling out races of people.

It just doesn't make sense.  How primative are we that we would think a certain breed of dog is prone to be mean....seriously



Genetics can certainly play a role.  But the majority is training.  What is the dog's reinforced by, either positively or negatively?

It takes a lot to train a dog to be truly vicious.

Well I don't think that it takes a lot to train a dog to be viscious.

You actually only need to beat him up everyday. No light for days...and only encourage him when he does something bad and wrong.

And you also need to take tthe pups away from their mum veryyyyyyy early.

It is sad but some disguting person do that.

Where I live a lot of pit owner do that, and organize fights. The government try to deal with that but it is almost impossible to really know where the fights are organized and to control everyone.

Thats a shame

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