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A new human!

Sometimes humans come to visit, and then they leave.  These people are kind of dumb.  Because I’m here.  Why would you want to go someplace that is not here?

But oh boy oh boy oh boy.  This new human has been here for almost 2 weeks now!  I don’t think she’s ever leaving.

It all started when my old humans brought a blanket home with a strange smell.  I spent a good time smelling it, looking at it, smelling it some more.  Then I’d carry it around for a few minutes.

I was confused, but it was new and exciting.

Then they came home one day carrying something with the same smell, except this time there was a tiny human girl!  Of course, I instantly wanted to play with her.  Who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately, as was made very clear, the only position I’m allowed to be in when I am out the same time she is, is sitting or laying down.  But I can’t really see her laying down.  And so I sit.  A lot.  And I just stare. 

She’s pretty.

Sometimes my tongue can sneak its way in and touch the back of her head.  We both enjoy that.

Come to think of it, I’ve hardly eaten anything in two days, because I’ve been so busy.  Time flies when you’re getting to know a new human!

The great thing about this human is that she makes noises almost ALL OF THE TIME. It’s great.  I’ve always thought that night time at this place was a little too uneventful.

Now things are happening every few hours.

I think we’ll get along just fine.  I’ll show her how to play fetch, and tug of war, and wrestle, and rub my ears, and play tug of war, and rub my ears, and play tug of war, and then rub my ears.  Mmmmm, ears.

Tug of war is the best guys, and you can never have enough people to play it with.

But for now, I will just sit and watch.  Much like my other humans do.


Author: Matthias

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8 thoughts on “A new human!”

  1. I have two little cousins. a
    I have two little cousins. a one year old and a 2 year old. I am gentle with them. They like me to chase them. I love to hear the 1 year old try to talk. He is funny. I love my humans.

  2. hi people. i have pure bread
    hi people. i have pure bread blue nose stad . i had all kind of dogs 2 German Sheppard collie spaniel yellow lab and now pit. i have to admit that is the best dog i ever had i my life. he is sleeping with us he can not live with out us.he is people friendly bring sleepers to everyone who rings the bell.es he does not like other dog but in the same time he has pit bull female as a friend. from childhood everybody who has dog extrude him from playing with they dog so he has no experience to deal with other dogs and now beeng 5 he doe not like them and wants to fight all the time. i could not believe that he can bight any human specially a child. who has an answer?. i see alot of pics bitten kids by pit and i dont belive in it

  3. this is such an AWESOME
    this is such an AWESOME story!!!!! congrats to your family and your sweetie who loves the new baby… thanks for writing it… I was smiling, laughing and almost in happy tears through the whole thing… AWESOME story. Everyone should read and share… though it’s hard typing this right now with one hand as my pitty sweetie is all snuggled up on top of me, on the couch, my arm around her, under the covers b/c it’s storming and she hates thunder… my snuggly angel baby…

  4. Congratulations! I wish you
    Congratulations! I wish you all the best of luck! I know Bauer and the “new human” will have some amazing adventures together 🙂

  5. nice…i like the little
    nice…i like the little humans, too. I have a boy that is 12, and he plays better than anyone else! we run, we swim in grandmas pool, we play tug and he has taught me to dive to the bottom of the pool to fetch things and to balance a ball on my nose and catch it. yeah, little humans are great. i have to sit and stare when my boy gets home, too, because i get a teeny bit carried away and i can’t always control myself(maybe the big humans don’t realize that i just want to sniff where hes been and who hes been with, but whatever, such is life). i really enjoy all the stories here, but yours is my favorite, it reminds me a lot of my own life. well,so long for now, bauer, enjoy that new human!