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Kong Alternatives – More Durable Toys

After I bemoaned the condition of a relatively new Kong, I got some good feedback for alternatives that might be longer lasting for stronger, more persistent, chewers.

So what can you try instead of a Kong?

West Paw

west paw dog toy - QwizlSome people said West Paw was the only brand they bought anymore for their pit. They tout their Zogoflex line of toys as being made for tough chewers. They offer toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have some that hold treats, similar to a Kong.

They also offer a free one-time replacement if your dog destroys one of their toys.


Goughnuts offers various sizes of dougnuts and stick shapes. This company also offers a generous replacement policy, if your pit bull chews through the outer layer of one of their toys. They take great pride in their “indestructible” toys, and seem to back it up with more than just words.

The Goughnuts Original Black, for 65 pound dogs, might be the sweet spot for most pit bulls.


indestructibone dog chew toy This company (Bulletproof Pet Products) is mainly focused on one thing: a chew toy that is…well…almost indestructible. They also offer a free replacement program, but only within the first 90 days. On their webpage, they even have a Hall of Fame filled with pictures of dogs who have managed to destroy their bone, highlighting how rare and impressive the feat is.

They also give the owners a free t-shirt for their trouble.

One owner’s Indestructibone has laster her for three years.

These bones have holes one ends for extra treats. It seems it reacts similarly to a Nylabone, but will not break or splinter.

Check Indestructibones out.

Homemade and Recyclable Options

Some owners have had success with a deflated leather basketball. Old t-shirts, torn into strips and braided, can make a durable chew and tug toy. Braided polar fleece was also a popular option, since that fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. It can get holes, but it is very hard to rip through completely.

Apparently, polar fleece also has a habit of dulling fabric cutters quickly, so that seems like a positive if you are putting it up against a pit bull’s chompers.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these options?

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