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Kong No Longer King?

We recently got a new dog, after being being dogless for a few years, and one of the first things we bought was a Kong. I remember them as indispensable. Fill them with treats and/or peanut butter, and it would keep our pit bull busy for at least an hour. We would get a good six months of use out of before we might start thinking about replacing it.

That’s what I remember, at least.

Hear is a picture of our current Kong, after only 1 month of use.

kong dog toy in hand

I was shocked at how quickly this thing has degraded. Maybe my memories from the Halcyon days of yore are fuzzy, but I don’t think so. There was a reason I always sang the Kong’s praise, and happily replaced them.

What are your experiences with the Kong, both past and present. And if the Kong is no longer king of the dog toys, what is?

Author: Matthias

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