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Best Halloween Costumes For Pitbulls

Do you have a Pitbull? Have you been looking for the best Halloween costumes for Pitbulls? If so, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled some of the best, funniest and most creative costumes for your adorable pup this holiday season! Whether your dog is a superhero or just loves to dress up, we’ve got something for everyone!

Dressing your dog up along with your family is a great way to get them involved in the festive events and make for some really cute photos, especially if your dog fits your costume theme!

Halloween Costumes Pitbull

Best Halloween Costumes For Pitbulls

1. Pirate Pitbull – Out For Booty Rubs!

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You’re probably familiar with the pirate costume as a Halloween option. It’s got all the makings of a fun, easy-to-execute animal costume: an eye patch, a hat, and a sword.

The only thing that you need to add is the pirate patch (or even just the word “pirate” on an existing shirt), and you can get in on the fun too!

Try dressing your adorable Pitbull puppy as a pirate for Halloween. Have your pup wear an eye patch over one eye and have holes cut out from an old shirt, so their lovable belly shows through.

If you’re looking for a ready-made version of the classic pirate costume, check out this link.

If your Pitbull ends up going trick-or-treating this year as a pirate, we are sure they will make a SPLASH!

2. Superman Pitbull – Ready To Save Your Candy

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If your pitbull is like a superhero in real life, then you can dress him up as one for Halloween. As everyday heroes in our own lives, Pitbulls will fit right into this role as Superman with a natural flare.

You can create this look at home with an old blue shirt, yellow duct tape and a red bandana or check out this ready-made option for a complete Superman look here.

This Superman costume, available on Amazon, is perfect for larger dogs and goes over your harness to ensure that your Pittie is comfortable at all times while out and about looking for lives to save trick-or-treating!

3. Santa Claus Pittie – Bringing Cheer to the Neighborhood

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If you need a costume for your Pitbull, consider dressing him up as Santa Claus. Your pup will look great in a red coat and hat, with a white beard and boots. You can also add a bag of gifts or reindeer to the mix! This is sure to be a cute photo opportunity for your future Christmas card!

It’s easy to make with an old red hoodie and some white duct tape or felt, or you can check out this adorable costume on Amazon here.

We love this Amazon look because it’s perfect for a larger dog and has the potential to be a crowd-pleaser with Santa Claus riding your dog’s back!

4. Angelic Pittie – For Your Angel Baby

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It’s no secret that your Pitbull is an angel in disguise for you and your family – let’s show it on the outside this Halloween!

Materials needed to make your own Angel costume for your Pitbull: a white dress shirt, an angel pin (or you can make a pin from felt), and some gold or silver glitter.

If you don’t have time to make an angel costume, you can try this one out from here. We love this one because it can easily be worn with a harness and comes with a matching devil costume which leads to our next idea below.

5. Devilish Pitbull Costume – For Those With a Naughty Side

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This costume is great for your dog, who is friendly and playful, but might have a naughty side. The angel and devil combination for Pitbull siblings is a crowd-pleaser and makes for a great photo-op!

This costume can be done with or without the horns depending on how well your dog tolerates things on their head, and can also be easier worn with a harness or collar for trick-or-treating.

6. Cheerleader Pitbull – Your Biggest Fan

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If your dog is your biggest fan, then what better costume for them than a cheerleader?

Making your own cheerleader costume is as easy as finding a simple white T-shirt and painting on the letters of your choice in the colors of your choice or shopping at your local consignment store to see if you can find a cheerleader uniform that has been donated.

Another cute add-on to this is to put a bow around one of your dog’s ears or on their collar. You can make your own pom poms out of old t-shirts that you cut up and hook together with elastics that you can tie to their collar to make it look like they’re cheering you on as you collect your candy.

If you’re not the crafty type, you can check out this Amazon link for a ready-made cheerleader costume for your Pitbull. This costume is perfect for those who love old movies and are fans of Grease!

7. Food Themed Costumes Are Always a Hit

What’s cuter than a dog dressed up like food? Nothing! Some of our favorite dog costumes in the past have to do with food.

Dressing your dog up as a food item is easy and always recognizable so you don’t have to explain what your dog is dressed up like to everybody you pass by.

8. Taco-Bout a Good Idea

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One of our favorite food-themed dog costumes is when people dress their dog up as a dog taco.

You can achieve this look at home by using a big cardboard box, painting it yellow to make a corn shell and then cutting up felt or old t-shirts in varying colors and gluing it to the side.

You can untie the Box around your dog’s body and cut out leg holes big enough for them to walk. Making this caution can be fun to do with your family and friends and allows you to release some creative juices.

If you’re looking for a ready-made costume that might be a little bit more comfortable for your pup, then you can check out this link to our favorite dog taco costume.

This costume is made with padded material and velcro straps for an easy on and off, great for pups who aren’t necessarily used to being dressed and items of clothing.

9. This Dog Runs on Coffee

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A fun play on words and food – dressing your dog up as your favorite coffee brand is simple, eye-catching, and fun!

This at-home look can easily be achieved by using an old white T-shirt as the backdrop for your coffee mug, then painting or spray painting on a logo of your desired coffee brand. The whole process is super easy and should only take about 30 minutes to get an unmistakable easy costume for your Pitbull.

If time is limited, you can check out this Amazon link to a puppuccino dog shirt. We love this one because it mimics Starbucks, and it’s easy to get on and off your dog as opposed to a costume with sleeves for these hoods and hats that might upset your furry friend.

This would also be great as a family costume if you were to grab some old aprons from your kitchen and put the same logo on them, and carry around coffee mugs while trick-or-treating! Showing your love for your favorite beverage and for your pup can be done all at once.


No matter how you dress your pup up this Halloween season, keep in mind that there are various options to do this at home cost-effectively if you don’t want to purchase a costume online or in a store.

When looking for the perfect costume for your Pitbull, always keep in mind their safety and comfort first. Having a costume that still allows some enough room to breathe, won’t get tangled in their harness, and does not have small items from the choke on is essential to a happy trick-or-treating session and cute family photos!

For more information about all things, Pitbull, be sure to follow along with our blog as we post regular updates, tips and tricks, and fun ideas for the holiday season.

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