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Groups Are Now Live

Group of Pit Bulls standing and sittingWe’re pleased to announce the launch of our Groups feature.  We have public forums, but even with those, it has been hard for people to organize around certain topics and locations to, for instance, arrange meetups or other events, or talk about something in more detail.

Any registered user can create a group. When you are a member of a group, you can post a group Discussion or a group Poll.  Discussions can also have images attached, so mini-galleries are possible.  Group managers can send broadcasts to all group members or make other members managers.

You can belong to as many groups as you want.  You’re account page now lists all of your groups for easy access, plus you can view group activity for an eay summary of what is going on with the site.

Try it out.  Look around. Invite others. Let us know what you think.


Author: Matthias

Hey all! I’m Matthias and I love Pit Bulls (as you probably can guess lol). Until a couple years ago I had Blaze next to me while writing the articles for this blog and he was my inspiration, he still is but - hopefully - from a better life 🙂

I am not a veterinarian or veterinary health care specialist, so nothing in this blog should be taken or used as a substitute for professional help. Use our content as information to have a basic understanding about Pit Bulls but always look for expert advice, specifically when treating or diagnosing your Pittie.

Hope my articles are of any help to you, your family and especially your Pit Bull. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Groups Are Now Live”

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  2. Matt, I’m wondering if you or

    Matt, I’m wondering if you or anyone else can help me out. I am the admin for the group Michigan dogs and I am trying to figure out how to create posts for my group. I am new to this! I can send emails, but I don’t know how to create posts for my group which everyone can comment on. Am I missing something obvious or is there a process I need to go through? Thanks!

    • Well crap.  It looks like I

      Well crap.  It looks like I had the permissions wrong.  You should be
      able to create Discussions now.  Go to the group page, and the group
      menu will be on the top right of the sidebar.

      No wonder no one was posting anything.

  3. i have one shes a resque

    i have one shes a resque named mya and shes the best too. i love her such a cuddle bug!

  4. Subject: Bored

    Subject: Bored


    Omg, Pitbulls R Suchh Cutee Dogs!! 🙂

    I <3 Justin Bieber!!!

  5. My daughter has two pits,

    My daughter has two pits, Jazz and Buster (Buster is deaft), the best family dogs ever.  They had three but our Belle girl died at four years old from cancer.  They rock and love children.

    • Awwww, Poor Busterr! And No

      Awwww, Poor Busterr! And No Offence Buhh, Wh@t do Yuhh MEan Byy They Havee 3?? 🙂

      I <3 Justin Bieber!!!