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Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull “Junior” Not Allowed in Ontario

The Attorney General of Ontario might get more than he bargained for when he denied an exemption for the pit bull ban submitted for Cesar Millan’s dog Junior.

Or maybe, in typical public official fashion, he got exactly what he wanted.  A whole lot of attention directed at himself.  After all, pit bulls are already allowed in Ontario for events like shows and competitions.  But those pit bulls aren’t as high profile as one of Cesar’s own.

Given the outcry, it’s a good thing that more attention has been brought to BSL, and how it doesn’t work.  The Toronto Human Society just posted the results of their study on dog bites after the breed ban was put in place:

is clear that the new law has not worked. It has not reduced the number
of dog bites and increased public safety. All it does is punish one
breed of dog.”

So while Junior won’t be featured in the shows Cesar is currently putting on, the message of education will be.  As Cesar said:

the 70s, the breed that people were afraid of was the Doberman,” Millan
said to the sold-out audience of 7,500. “In the 2000s, it’s the
pitbull. See, nothing has changed. So the solution is education. If we
start to ban breeds, what that tells me is people are afraid or people
are ignorant about it. It’s not the breed, it’s the human behind the

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6 thoughts on “Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull “Junior” Not Allowed in Ontario”

  1. it’s so sad. Here in Puerto
    it’s so sad. Here in Puerto Rico there’s a LAW #158 that says: pitbulls are illegal. We r fighting so we can have our pitbulls free.

  2. im so glad lexington, tx
    im so glad lexington, tx doesnt have a breed ban that would rip my heart out i would move cause i could never give my pit jake up i have had him since he was 5 weeks old. im his mom. i wish stupid people would stop fighting pit and use them for good things and show off their good and unique personalities

  3. They are trying to make laws
    They are trying to make laws against pit’s in SoCal.
    some insurances won’t insure a home if you own a pit,
    rottweiler and dobermans.

  4. It’s the same here in
    It’s the same here in Leavenworth, KS. Pitbulls are outlawed here also, but I live way out in the country so nobody is “bothered” by my dog. He’s the best dog I have ever had and I refuse to give him up!!! I would move back to Illinois before I would give up my baby!!!

  5. Well Ms. Faith is my

    Well Ms. Faith is my exception to the rule, she is being trained as an service dog and tell u what????

    She is one awsome dog that gives her heart to me and my family.  She has really taught me that there is love in a pitbulls heart.  I am more fearful of small dogs than big dogs with size like Faith.