Baby Annoys Our Ferocious Pit Bull

Our daughter is now seven months old, and for a over a month now she has been enamored with her puppies.  She smiles.  She reaches.  She pets.  She seems to enjoy it when she get a big dog kiss right in the face.

And she's learning about her own voice, as is clear from this video.

Bauer looks a bit annoyed, but puts up with it like a good soldier.

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Love it !!!!When my son Matthew was born we had a pitbull my love Butch Ironhead Gatehouse The love of my life he adored his baby he would watch him and never let him out of his site if he thought he was getting close to something that was dangerous he would pick him up by his diaper and place him far away fro the object we watch him many times  when Matt got older and i neab 3 & 4 years old they would share oreos I have wonderful pictures and memeories of them and him He was my joy he passed away at 17 years of age and is truly missed I know he`s here any time I need him I still feel him and know he will be at the gate waiting for me Poppa I love you forever<3

I love like the video, i think it's really cute. I have 2 pitbulls myself 1 female and 1 male there both 1.5 yrs old. They both like my 2 kids a son who is 7 and my daughter who is 1.5 mths. Pitbulls are very lovable if u treat them very respectiful and caring.

We have several pits and they love my one year old neice. They are so patient with her its amazing. She can grab them by the ears and they will just lick her. The mama dog we have will even clean her like she is her own puppy. When my sister brought her home from the hospital Stormy would do this nervous jaw click if anyone but my sister held her. Its amazing that one of the best mothers i have ever known is a dog let alone a pitbull.

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