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The 10 Most Dangerous Pit Bulls in Existence

No other animal in the modern world inspires such fear and terror as the pit bull.

Time and time again, we hear horror stories of dangerous pit bulls and “pit bull types” running amok and wreaking havoc on all who cross their path.

Yes, it’s true that pit bulls are dogs, and many people believe all dogs are inherently good. “It’s the owner, not the dog,” you hear again and again. These same people will often proclaim an illustrious history for the breed, pointing to such long ago examples as Sergeant Stubby, the WWI hero, and “Pete the Pup,” who appeared in Little Rascals.

But those examples were a long time ago, and besides, Sgt Stubby was a WAR hero. Just because a dog is suitable for search and rescue or carrying messages across the battlefield during wartime doesn’t mean he’s a fit companion in civilian life.

“But … dog!” you say again. For hundreds of years, no animal has been so beloved by humans as the dog. Immortalized in film and poetry for love and loyalty, the noble dog long ago earned the epithet “Man’s Best Friend.” But what happens when “Man’s Best Friend” goes wrong? Could it be … the pit bull?

Yes, indeed, we may have created an entire breed of dog that is beyond redemption. And it’s not just humans who feel their wrath. Pit bulls are known to be particularly dangerous to other animals. And while such ferocious guard dogs may have had their place in the distant past, the question must now be raised by all right-thinking people: Are pit bulls too dangerous to coexist with humans and other animals in today’s society?

Once upon a time, the FBI posted a “Ten Most Wanted” list of dangerous felons in post offices everywhere. Now, it’s high time for a new “10 Most” list. The gangsters of old had nothing on this new breed of canine criminal. Indeed, even Cujo or “The Doberman Gang” would flee at the approach of …

The 10 Most Dangerous Pit Bulls in Existence Today

10. Chooch. Much like a bear, Chooch is Known for his modus operandi of staking out homes, waiting until the occupants leave and then leaping through the window to devour all the food he can stomach, leaving a giant mess in his wake. Here, a hidden camera catches Chooch crossing the line from mere burglary to robbery and assault, as he intimidates a small boy into giving up his lunch. Parents beware–Chooch is out there, and he’s hungry!

9. An American Staffordshire in Germany. What happens when three rambunctious kittens are left alone with a resting pit bull and decide to pounce? Do they find out the hard way that it doesn’t pay to paw this brutal force of nature? It’s three bite-sized morsels trapped with a rampaging pit bull they clawed awake in “An American Staffordshire in Germany.”

8. The Vick Dogs. Celebrities through no fault of their own, these former prisoners share the number 8 spot on the list. Most authorities advocated killing the dogs forced to take part in the Michael Vick dogfighting ring, believing they could never coexist with humans. A few rescue organizations stepped in to try and save the pit bulls who came to be known collectively as “the Vick Dogs.” Now, virtually all of these former abuse victims have been successfully rehabilitated. Proof that pit bulls are indeed misunderstood bundles of love? Maybe. But what happens when two of them meet up again? Will they attack anything other than preconceptions?

Of course, how pit bulls act around other dogs is only part of the story. Can a human ever find rest with one of these bloodthristy brutes around?

A new book is also out detailing the exploits of these animals, called The Lost Dogs.

7. Sharkey. “Let sleeping dogs lie” became a cliche for good reason. When a baby bunny decides to camp out on the head of a slumbering pit bull named Sharkey, it appears the dog is soundly asleep. But slowly, one twitch of an eyelid at a time, Sharkey wakes up.

This dog has already proven he has a taste for rabbits!

6. Freya. Pit bull aficionados claim their animals make wonderful companions. Detractors say even the most affectionate pit bulls can turn on their owners at any moment, and point to Freya as “Exhibit A.” Normally charming and friendly, when this pit bull fails to get her way, she unleashes her deadly “look of doom.”

5. Lucky. A tiny duckling wanders in from the great outdoors, only to encounter a pit bull devoted to guarding its home. It’s not just their jaws and teeth you have to fear when it comes to dangerous pit bulls, but also the nose and tongue, as this ferocious beast quickly demonstrates. Will the little waddler be bumped and licked to death?

4. BooBoo. Pit bulls are predators, deer are prey. What happens when someone confines a pit bull and young deer in a yard together?

3. Murphy. When pit bulls mix with humans, terror is always the end result. No one involved in this horror show will ever be the same again. http://community.livejournal.com/petbulls/5061635.html

2. Justice. How did pit bulls ever get the nickname “Nanny Dogs” and “Family Dogs” back in the olden days? Justice, considered by some to be the most dangerous pit bull in the world due to serial snuggling with human infants, demonstrates just how much contemporary representatives of the breed have strayed from their child-loving roots.

1. Name unknown. One baby. One pit bull. What happens when the baby gets curious?

Author: Matthias

Hey all! I’m Matthias and I love Pit Bulls (as you probably can guess lol). Until a couple years ago I had Blaze next to me while writing the articles for this blog and he was my inspiration, he still is but - hopefully - from a better life 🙂

I am not a veterinarian or veterinary health care specialist, so nothing in this blog should be taken or used as a substitute for professional help. Use our content as information to have a basic understanding about Pit Bulls but always look for expert advice, specifically when treating or diagnosing your Pittie.

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25 thoughts on “The 10 Most Dangerous Pit Bulls in Existence”

  1. omg!!!! I should have posted
    omg!!!! I should have posted my picture of my pit getting beat up by my miniature chihuahua.
    she even comes running to me when the chihuahua who weights less than 2 pounds starts chasing her. jajaajaja this pictures are awsome!!!!

    • thats so funny it remind me
      thats so funny it remind me of my pit jake he runs from my rooster… it is so funny.

  2. http://www.facebook.com/album

    That pic above has got to be one of the most dangerous. He is vicious with that baby!!

    The other day my neighbor complained of a dog attack. She says my staffie (same one with the baby) came running at her. She screamed and jumped in her car, upon which he ran back to the house with his tail tucked between his legs. (This is her account of the story). Everytime I call him in from playing in the yard now, I call for my ‘vicious man-eating dog’ loudly enough for all the neighbors to hear 😉

  3. True examples of how a well
    True examples of how a well trained and loved pit bull truly behaves. I have a 3 yr old Red nose pit and I love my girl to death, she loves and protects this family, especially my little girl who is 6 and she treats like her pup….lol

  4. I love this, Keep this going
    I love this, Keep this going to so we can change minds one at the time, walk you dogs, show everyone they are the best breed ever!!!

  5. Oh yes. They are SO SO
    Oh yes. They are SO SO dangerous! *snickers*

    My 8 year old daughter was raised by our pit bull, Petey. He taught her to walk, how to steal cookies, told on her when she climbed things she shouldn’t have, kept her from getting run over by a snow plow when she snuck out to play in the snow at 2 years old. He insisted on being the “bobby” pillow when she had a bottle and was her best buddy until we lost him to cancer.

    Yes, I do have photographic documentation of their escapades.

    Our 6 year old pit bull, Birdie, is my service dog. I also do therapy visits with her and have a waiting list of facilities requesting to be added to our list.

    The local nursing home where we do therapy visits loves her. We’ve discovered the way to convince a determined ninety two year old man that he can’t go out into the garden by himself in 96 degree heat, EVEN if he did parachute into Germany during WWII.

    You hand him a dog leash and instruct the dog to take him to the Rec Room. He told Birdie that she was the funniest looking German Shepherd that he has ever seen.

  6. Hehehe I love this 🙂 my
    Hehehe I love this 🙂 my sisters ‘big bad pitbull’ is my one year old nieces best friend and a better baby sitter than I am! And my little man Nero let’s her walk all over him- literally!!

  7. i love all the stories and
    i love all the stories and pictures! but the one that stands out is the micheal vick dog i kept up on what was going to happen to those dogs and someone special enough to at least give them a chance made a show about their progress and showed there real temperment and personality. i thought that was wonderful!there is too much negativity in the media about the breed and i stand behind pitbulls! and if theres something in my reach that i can do to voice that or help i will..i get enough greif just having my lady girl,whom is a pitbull i remember when i got her and she started to get pretty big i would walk her and people would cross the street when they see her coming,for a while i crossed before they did just so they thought she was viscious..after a while i laughed and said people were so predictible and judgemental..that i never crossed again!..lol..either they walked past me or they had to cross.. i live where they have strict laws for owning these dogs,i moved into my first single home, and im a very private and quiet person one month later the dog warden was at my house i opened the door..he said i was told you have a pitbull in this house and a neighbor said she ran up to him can i see her licence and insurance,[like she was driving!..lol]..and of course the guy was lieing my dog does not get loose!he was just intimidated..but i invited the guy in showed him all paperwork on the dog, he pet lady and said have a nice day!after a few months though i found out the guy who called owned the house next door and hes there often doing yardwork..so to play his simple minded foolish game everytime i saw him i put lady on her harnest and took her out front door for a walk and made sure i went close to him!!my point is people believe the things they hear and think its about everydog and i hate that!and dogs like mine pay for it everyday when i take her to park or just a walk and that simple minded person crosses the street!!!

  8. This is so true, I own a
    This is so true, I own a pitbull, and he is the most AMAZING dog on this planet! He is around 16 month old pretty much from the day she was born, and the first thing he does when he sees her is lick her face. Its so sad the reputation they have, because I don’t think I could ever own a different breed of dog.

  9. I have had two
    I have had two pittie’s…..both are gone now….sad day’s…best dog’s i ever had…the cat’s would sleep on top of them…in my opinion..the most dangerous part about a pitbull is they’re tail…jesus that hurt’s slamming your shin’s….and getting licked to death…i am in ontario where they are banned by our retarded ontario government…have found one i would like to adopt in a chicago pound but can’t adopt him unless i get someone in the chicago area to go through the adoption process go here http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/15451382… any one interested contact me here…[email protected]…i’ll gladly compensate you for the service


  10. I saw this heading and
    I saw this heading and started to read… but I kept an open mind… I always try to see both sides of a story… educate myself further so I can educate others. I AM SO GLAD I READ THIS ENTIRE STORY! This is thee best story I’ve read in a long time… I am sharing the top 10 most dangerous pitbulls to my Facebook page. Thanks for writing and posting it here on this site… awesome job!

  11. Where I live in Florida
    Where I live in Florida people are always telling me I need to keep my 2 year old daughter aways from my 1year old male red nose pit. They tell me this because he was a street rescue. I worry more about his nails and tounge then I do his bite. those 2 thing are the most dangerous on him. And I do agree that a pits tail is dangerous. 10 yearr old male that I had to put to sleep would clean my coffee table for me. I always had to clean up the floor from him. As for Michael Vicks I think somebody should put him in a ring to fight with somebody like he did with the dogs and fight almost to the death. I feel that if you want to fight a dog that should also be your punishment. I don’t kknow who would agree with this but that is how I feel. I wish I could find the old owner of my 1 year old male pit so I could PUT THEM OUT ON THE STREET LIKE THEY DID HIM!!! He is sooooo loving when it comes to my daughter and everybody else that he meats 🙂 LOL !!!

  12. I love my 2 yr old pitbull.

    I love my 2 yr old pitbull. She is a compulsive licker too! And when i get home from work she does her “booty dance” tail going crazy she starts jumping and if i don’t pay attention to her as soon as i get home she will stare at me follow me put her head on my lap anything untill i pay attention to her. She is the sweetest dog ever! I love pitbulls I just wish i could change peoples views on them. I’ve been attacked by a chow chow if you ask my those freakin dogs are evil!

    And about them being mean towards other animals please, I had her for a year and then we adopted a chihuahua and then i added a cat to the mix and she palys with them both. And if they start to bother her she doesn’t attack she walks away and lays on her bed. Hands down they are the best breed ever!

    Save the PITBULLS!!!!!

  13. Oh yeah, my pit, Trooper, can

    Oh yeah, my pit, Trooper, can definitely top this most dangerous list…he has almost kissed me to death many times.

  14. Hi Everyone, 
    I am grieving

    Hi Everyone, 

    I am grieving for my pitbull and companion Chaos.  He was over 15 years old when he passed away 6 days ago.  My son brought him home when he was 6 weeks old.  He was a very good family dog and excellent with children.  Although, he kept people coming to the fence, he was a gentle dog who was afraid of the “wind”.  He will truly be missed…

    Sad in Colorado 

  15. This is great i love it. It

    This is great i love it. It bothers me so much when i hear people bad mouthing pits. My big baby is the biggest love he is scared of my horses and 2 pound maltese he wont mess with her. They really are loving dogs to bad people have to abuse them and raise them pourly and make people think so pourly of them. Great family pets i wouldnt trade him for anything his favorite place to be is cuddled up on the couch!