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Wolf vs Pitbull

Pit Bulls are large and powerful dogs that are known to have an aggressive streak.

With their build, they are unlikely to be at a disadvantage when there is confrontation with other dogs. But what about with wild animals like wolves, can we still expect the same result?

The thing is, it’s not uncommon for wolves to stray into areas inhabited by humans in search of food. In such cases, these two animals may clash with each other.

So, in this article, we will talk about Wolf vs Pitbull to see if pit bull can fight over this untamed intruder. Let’s read on!

Wolf vs Pitbull – Basic Characteristics

Before we get into who will win between the fight of wolf vs pit bull, it’s important to understand slightly about these two animals.

Originally bred to engage in bloody sports, pit bulls have come a long way to be accepted as family dogs. These strong-willed and energetic dogs can be quite protective towards their human families.

Wolf vs Pitbull

Also, contrary to popular opinion — where pit bulls are dangerous — they aren’t inherently aggressive. In fact, they get along well with people when trained properly.

However, they aren’t as tolerant when it comes to other dogs or animals. They may show an aggressive streak if not properly socialized. Since they are bred to fight, these strong and courageous dogs tend to launch attacks without warning.

Unlike domesticated pit bulls, the one thing to take note about wolves is that they are wild animals. Therefore, they tend to be more aggressive than the former, especially during a clash.

In addition, wolves are highly intelligent and are social animals, meaning they move and hunt in packs. This makes wolves a bigger threat to their opponent, who likely have slim chances in defeating the entire wolf pack.

Being accustomed to hunting in the wild, wolves are built with stronger teeth and jaws that can crush the bones of their prey. Moreover, they are more energetic than most domestic dog breeds.

Hence, even though pit bulls are by no means an easy opponent, it seems that wolves do have some advantages due to their wild nature.

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Wolf vs Pitbull – A Comparison

Now that you have a fair idea about wolf and pit bull, let’s get on and find out which animal will be at an advantage in case of confrontation.

Size And Weight

Pit bulls aren’t small dogs. They can grow to a height between 18 and 21 inches, and weigh around 35 to 60 pounds. Still, between the size of wolf vs pitbull, the wolves are larger.

A gray wolf can grow up to 30 inches in height and usually weigh over 60 pounds. Therefore, the superior strength, combined with their killing instinct, makes them formidable opponents for pit bulls.


Pit bulls are strong and agile dogs. Bred as fighting dogs for years, they are highly energetic and ferocious.

As a matter of fact, pit bulls are among the fastest dog breeds in the world. With the right agility training course for pit bulls, they can easily run at a speed of around 25- 30 miles per hour.

Even so, a wolf can still easily beat a pit bull in terms of agility. These wildlife can run at a speed of 36 to 38 miles per hour if needed. With that being said, they can easily outrun a pit bull during conflict.

Wolves also have remarkably more energy and endurance as they are accustomed to chase and capture their prey on a daily basis.

Conversely, domestically bred dogs like pit bulls didn’t have such endurance. Thus, a pit bull won’t have sufficient stamina to fight with a wolf for long.

In addition, being living in the wild, wolves need to deal with attacks from larger predators regularly. As a result, they are equipped with better reflexes that allow them to avoid opponent’s attacks as well as strike effective counterattacks.

All in all, the speed, endurance, and hunting abilities make wolves a fierce opponent to any domestic dog.

Biting Power

The biting power of an adult pit bull is around 240 to 330 PSI (pounds per square inch). Which means they are capable of inflicting fatal injuries to other animals. Nevertheless, compared to wild predators like wolves, it’s still inadequate.

A wolf has a biting power of around 400 PSI and it easily increases to 1500 PSI when bringing down prey or during a fight.

Wolf vs Pitbull

Having such strong bite force means the wolves can simply crush the bones of their prey in a few bite, rendering them incapable of putting up a fight. In addition, they also are more likely to inflict fatal wounds on their opponent when in a fight.

Since they’re hunters by nature, these are skills they have mastered — attack vulnerable areas like the limbs and neck — in defeating their opponents.

Contradictorily, despite also having strong jaws, years of domestication has made pit bulls lose the required skills in launching calculated attacks toward the opponents.


Pit bulls do have an aggressive streak. Hence, to tone down this streak, they usually undergo a strict training. While this in turn makes them fitter as family pets, it puts them at a disadvantage during fights.

Wolves can be aggressive too, especially when there is a threat. In addition, being living in the wild where survival is at stake, they can be very quite vicious in their attacks.

However, that’s not the main concern! Wolves rarely move alone. Instead, they will move in packs. Hence, in case your pit bull comes across a wolf, it’s likely there are other pack members nearby.

Which is to say, even if your pit bull is able to subdue or deter a lone wolf, there is no chance of escaping if others join in the attack.

Summing Up

All in all, we can conclude your pit bull has a higher chance to lose if they have a confrontation with a wolf. Of course, this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t put up a good fight.

Besides, your pit pull may have a chance to win if the one they encountered is sick, or old, with no other pack members around to back up.

Still, whatever the circumstances, it’s best to keep your canine away from wolves or any wild animals to ensure their safety.

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