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KZN Pitbull Rescue

MISSION STATEMENT We help to rehabilitate abandoned and abused pitbulls and aid in re-homing these to people who will love and protect them unconditionally.
We pledge to work in collaboration with other organizations that deal primarily with the welfare of Pitbulls and to bridge the gap that currently exists between them.
We pledge to promote and enhance the positive image of the Pitbulls.

We do not condone the use of the Pitbulls for any ILLEGAL activities.

We pledge to educate the general public about this wonderful breed.

We promise to use our every endeavour to make the world a better place for all Pitbulls

We undertake to provide for all Pitbulls we reach the “5 Basic Freedoms” as laid out in The Universal Declaration for the Welfare of Animals:
FREEDOM from hunger and thirst
FREEDOM from discomfort
FREEDOM from pain, injury and disease
FREEDOMfrom fear and distress
FREEDOM to express normal behaviour

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