Forte Animal Rescue

Our Mission:

To inspire compassion and responsibility for animals, in addition to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for companion animals.

Our Profile:

Forte Animal Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, seeking solutions for pet-overpopulation, as well as working together with the community to cultivate the human-animal bond through educational programs and activities. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE! We rescue all breeds in need, including PITBULLS!

Our Objectives:

After years of work in animal rescue, we established this unique organization in January 2003 to function as a "hub" for people and the rescue community in order to help each other. We believe this is necessary in helping the rescue community to achieve its common goals of saving the lives of as many animals as possible.

Stop people from taking their animals to the pound through our Outreach Program by advising them of possible solutions, introducing them to appropriate trainers for their specific problems, or assisting them in finding new homes for their pets through our Adoption Program.

Serve as a liaison between animals and the general public. Our new educational program will help improve pet-people relations and understanding of responsibilities. This is especially important because lack of such knowledge is one of the direct causes of abandonment of companion animals.


13428 Maxella Ave., PMB-332
90292 CA
United States

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