Yeah i live in mount vernon


Yeah i live in mount vernon so its a bit farther from seattle than you are. I agree. I just dont get why people are ok with breed bans, what makes them think their breed of choice wont be next? The pit bull was once americas family dog, so whos to say in a couple decades people wont be labeling golden retrievers as vicious and trying to ban them too? Have you read any of the comments on that news story? some of them are just awful. Im almost amused with all the people that disagree with me, and tell me im wrong. I dont want those dogs to get euthanized but i also dont think the owner should get them back this time. I wish they’d find them new homes. I dont think that mentally unstable dogs should even be a part of conversations, when you talk about society as a whole and what people do, you dont say things like, “well some people are mentally unstable” When people talk about a breed and it being bad or not it should be about the normal members of said breed. I just wish there would come a day where i can walk my dog without getting a trillion dirty looks and having people walk out of their way to avoid us. I wish people would love him as much as he loves them.