Well, we just saw the


Well, we just saw the shepherds on our nightly walk (ironic, esp. after I just said “we hadn’t seen them for awhile on a walk”). The last time they met, just the “daddy” was walking the two, and tonight “mommy” and “daddy” were each walking one (daddy with the male, and mommy with what we believe was a female). The shepherds started the growling/barking first…we walked on the grassy area by the road and the shepherds walked on the sidewalk. I think it was more of a dominance thing–O’Shea has never met a larger dog on walks; all of the other dogs in our town are mostly smaller than him (except for those shepherds).

And this time, O’Shea didn’t bark; he just tugged at the leash a bit, whimpering/growling a bit. But the shepherds started the barking and growling first this time. 😛 We wonder, if the shepherds are at a home with a fence, if they met through the fence. Would that change anything?