thankyou. I would like to


thankyou. I would like to thank all of you for your support in this matter. I was starting to think maybe i was just off my rocker or something, but whatever, thanks to you guys, all the thumbs downs im gettiing on the news forums for stating these things dont bother me at all anymore. They can think what they want, im starting to think the vast majority of people just dont like hearing the truth. I just hope the bull mastiff doesnt wind up in the same position reputation-wise that our beloved pit bulls are in now. No dog deserves that. But lately at least in my local area it seems as if the majority of dogs bite stories has shifted from pits to bull mastiffs. Which is sad, how many dog breeds do people have to attempt to destroy before they figure out the real problem? Like if you have 50 failed relationships, at some point you have to consider maybe the problem is you. The same logic should be applied here. People are the problem, not dogs.