Thankyou! good to hear


Thankyou! good to hear someone agrees. I seriously got treated hella rude for saying that by so many ppl. And wow thats really sad. But even leaving the dog out of it, who leaves an INFANT alone in a room for a long period of time to take a shower anyway? thats horrible. I was an after bedtime shower-er when my boy was small like that. And he never is left alone with kudo. I go upstairs to start a load of laundry, the dog comes upstairs too. It isnt even difficult, at least with my dog after being called to come upstairs a 100 times he follows me around the house automatically now. The people that attacked me for saying that, i feel bad for their dogs, It only takes like 5 minutes to stand outside and watch your dog while they do their buisness, these owners cant sacrifice 5 mins? They mustn’t spend much time with their dogs if 5 mins is asking too much. Not only that but where i live i always see adds in the paper that someones dog got stolen. I dont understand some people. All i know is i bet theyd be singin a different tune if their kid jumped into my yard and was fine cuz i was out there.