Thanks for the great advice!


Thanks for the great advice! It’s amazing how well he’s doing when we go on walks (the rabbits and squirrels still excite him a bit, lol). He stops/sits before crossing a street (he’s almost to the point of doing it without being asked), and doesn’t pull as much when approaching new people to meet. At least once or twice a week, we meet someone new in town who meets him and says, “He’s so sweet. Yeah, I know people who have pit bulls, and they are the sweetest dogs I know.” Just makes my heart soar.

More and more when we walk by and people see how well behaved he is: when he sits/stays, and especially while we’re walking and he’s smiling, they smile back. I have to say I couldn’t have wished for a better dog. He adds so much to our lives, and no one will take that from us…no one. 🙂 Thanks again! And yes, the ball is definitely in our court, and we’re here to play!