Thanks Bullypaws, I think he


Thanks Bullypaws, I think he is too. I hate to continue with this…but I must say. Has any of you ever been in an unexpected dog fight? Well I am a responsible experienced dog owner. We’ve bred/raised Drathars, I’ve also owned Labs, Aussies, and Rotties. I currently have a Bull Mastiff and a Pittie. Those two got along great, both are well mannered and know and responded to commands! One day everyone was out in our large backyard and I was out there supervising as usual. The dogs were at opposite ends of the yard doing their own thing. Before I was able to react the Mastiff charged across the yard with lightening speed and jumped my Pittie. Blood was flying. My husband who is not a small man and myself tried to separate them. We tried the hose, shovels, wood, a break stick on the Pittie, it can’t be used on the Mastiff(and he wasn’t about to let go) to separate them. The only way we got them separated was both of us choking the dogs at the same time till they let go. The end result was my Mastiff having a wound on his shoulder 6″ long where you could see muscle and the pittie had puncture wounds on his head, neck and eyebrows. It took 12 staples, numerous vet visits, hundreds of dollars and 3 months for the wound to heal. We now know my Mastiff has DA. He never showed signs of it before this. This happened in my backyard, now picture this happening in a Dog Park? The Mastiff wouldn’t of been blamed, the Pittie would. Most likely more dogs would of joined in and more damage. Would you want you and your pittie to be involved in that type of mayhem? During times a crisis, commands don’t always work, leashes and muzzles break! No matter how well trained and knowledgeable you are about your dog and it’s breed, sh*t happens. And I also live in Ohio, we were once a happy loving dog family now we are separated by crates and gates for the safety of everyone. This may not change anyone’s personal opinion of dog parks saying….”It would never happen to me and my dog. I always supervise my animals”. Yeah, I said that too and look what happened. Never say never. I will not put my dogs in a position to fail again. My rant is over.