stubborn dogs,,,all of


stubborn dogs,,,all of them…i have a 90 lb girl, a 7 yr old girl and now a 8 week old pit whose mom died at 2 days old… my adult also a rescue dog. the reason when u turn around she says we must be done, amazingly enough she is no longer hearing the command as much as the look in your eyes. shes smart,,,u dont have eyes in the back of your head,,,,
my general thinking has always been to make the dog believe there is an imaginary wall between you. meaning if she takes an inch forward, boom, back in place quick, like an emergency! as if she were in danger but without the yelling just a one word, deep, stay and my key is putting my hand up to her face 6 in away the first time,,walk back a few feet (still backward) if she moves forward the hand goes back up and u step forward as if u were pushing her back magically while keeping deep eye contact. that will all be a big help for her to think it is important and she suddenly has an on/off button,,which every pit NEEDS. after ur eye contact, seriousness about not even moving forward one step,,if she stays calmly,,get down low and be all praise and she will see ur eyes have switched to that normal, its all good look. thats on and off without words and a deeper level of communication with ur best friend who is an eye, hand and energy reader,,,more than a conversation keeper,,,cut and dry, dogs do best. too many words, less meaning. animals talk all day long and nothing get lost in translation…my pup is coming along quick and housebroken at 7 weeks,,the key after a bit more of the regular stay is to close ur eyes just enough left to see out of them so she thinks u are not looking and catch her until she believes u can see with ur eyes closed,,if that works use ur hand for stay on all corrections and initial stay. then walk back and turn and back and turn,,,use those tools and work the new eye contact thing and let me know when she stays her best and after that works for you,,,get back to me and she will be looking for ur evey command visually every time…like wow u know how to speak dog? better listen to u…lol
good luck and talk to u soon