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Patti K

Since this post is titled Dog Park Drama, I’ll share a few stories about my dog park experiences. Most of the time bad situations in dog parks are due to the owners fault, not the dogs.

I worked as a Animal Care Technician and a Euthanasia Technician for three years. I have fostered tons of dogs, and have extensive experience with pit bulls. So what I am saying is I am no dummy when it comes to dogs. There have been several times where I have witnessed fights at our local dog park, and this is for the people who are saying APBT’s don’t belong at dog parks.

The first one, a black lab got a little bit rough with a pointer mix, and it turned into a full fledged fight. There were three pits playing in the park at the time. All three of them ran back to their owners when the other two dogs started fighting.

Second, a CHIHUAHUA attacked a terrier mix. Once again, there were pits and pit mixes in the park. Most of them were scared to death of the situation.

Third, a Chow Chow latched on to a woman’s arm when she stepped too close to it’s owners baby.

My point here is that there will always be drama in dog parks, no matter what type of dogs are there. But making blanketed statements such as no APBT’s is completely ignorant. And I am using “ignorant” in the true sense of the word. I.E. not knowing what you are talking about. Obviously if you have a dog that is dog aggressive, fence aggressive, unsocialized or has a history of abuse. It’s probably not the best idea to be taking it to a dog park and letting it run loose. Whether it is a lab, husky, cocker spaniel or pitbull.